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Author Topic: F7F Turboprops (featuring reverse thrust, air-brakes, mine sweeping coils & more)  (Read 2505 times)

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Final versions of the F7F before moving on to different aircraft types for Project Beartrap.

Download features excellent paint schemes by ecf111 and some superb aerial ordnance from DreamK. A thirty single mission pack included to showcase the A-8A's and SE-1's capabilities.

I have made this mod compatible for BAT 4.1.1 but it can also be installed on 4.12 with ModAct5.3 & SAS_Engine_Mod_2.8.20 (or better).

This latest version of Project Beartrap also includes the radial versions of the F7F, the RP-54E drone, towed targets & messages, generic carriers & submarines, ground radars, mine flails, surface targets, airfield vehicles & facilitates. Please see Project Beartrap Guide 210205 (in the download) for more details and install instructions. As seen from the Change Log, a significant number of tidy ups and tweaks have been done on the project.

Any issues, please post your logfile.

Project Beartrap 210205 [80mb]

Change Log:
Code: [Select]
+ plane A-8A & SE-1:
initial release
loadouts in native format for BAT compatibility (cod F7F_A8A -336838316 F7F_SE1 -1529189362)
+ plane F7F-4AJ & F7F-5SW:
added EM coil ring and path maker dispenser for aerial mine sweeping
updated 3D model for towing hitch and winding cable winch used for towed targets & aerial messages
added 500lb/750lb GP bombs, 100lb cluster bombs, Mk36 parachute mine and 500lb/750lb napalm ordnance
contra rotating props visual movement implemented
added feathering props
implemented engine fire suppression systems
new prop blade textures
updated 3D model for large spinner domes
F7F-4AJ now by default has large spinners
main gear alignment corrected
ailerons &mid starboard wing realigned
fuselage ordnance positions adjusted
changed default 1024px paint schemes
numerous UV remapping and 3D model tweaks
loadouts now in native format for BAT compatibility (cod F7F_4AJ -1612987878 F7F_5SW -426151212)
‘cold cat’ code rewritten for more a realistic simulation
+ plane F7F avionics:
radar warning receiver alerts within 20km of a surface & vessel air surveillance radar and when above 300m
name of IL2 carrier player being directed to now in text messages via CIC Friendly Carrier mode
land-based arrestor traps flagged as ‘Friendly Airfield’ in CIC Friendly Carrier mode
CIC Friendly Carrier mode now ‘CIC Friendly Carrier or Airfield’
Stock Test Runways 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 now treated as airfields rather than ships by CIC and landing assistance
RATO no longer available if a steam catapult is on hand
AN/APS-20 radar coding and screen icons tidy ups
AN/APS-19 radar CRT sweep and coding refinement
+ cockpit A-8A & SE-1:
initial release
+ cockpit F7F-4AJ & F7F-5SW:
independent class files for custom ZOK ejection seats created
new main controls quadrant 3D model and textures to cater for prop feathering
tidy up of engine dials and needles
textures and labels for carb air and supercharger control quadrant updated
park brake added & manifold pressure gauges recalibrated
LLLTV green screen no longer flickers when guns fired
updated MAD coding to allow detection for any vessel
new ASI dial in knots
+ plane RP-54 and towed targets & aerial messages:
loadouts now in native format for BAT compatibility (cod RP_54E -502792154 Target_Message -718220718)
further refinement of Target-Message coding and sample missions revised for BAT compatibility
+ arms:
updated 3D model and textures for N-3 missiles & added an anti-radiation version
added Dreamk's excellent 500lb/750lb GP & 100lb cluster bombs, Mk36 parachute mine & 500lb/750lb napalm
created path marker flare (green smoke) for aerial mine sweeping
tweaked property parameters of A-1 and N-2 air-to-air missiles
rocket launched variant of Mk.25 parachute flare created
+ missions:
nine new missions added
existing 21 missions updated to utilise the A-8A, SE-1 and new mission vehicles/ground radar/objects
+ redundant & deleted:
il2.objects.weapons.OrdZOK_Winch.classB66AA980D466293E& it’s associated 3do\Plane\ZOK-winch folder
il2.objects.air.Tow_Targets.class505B880693FB6EE6& it’s associated 3do\Plane\Tow-Targets(Multi1) folder
SAS engine Mod 2.7 or earlier no longer supported

+ towed targets & aerial messages:
further refined coding to improve player aircraft’s ability to retain towed objects
more .mis advice for mission makers added and updated some sample missions

+ ships:
added the name of the IL2 carrier the player is on approach to as a prefix in the LSO’s text messages
further refined the approach tracking indicator algorithm for the landing assistance mission object

+ ships:
created landing assistance mission object for any IL2 carrier and P85 runway arrestor traps
made influence mine object to simulate mine fields on land or sea and for aerial mine sweeping
added functional and animated early warning & target acquisition ground radar units
blast deflectors and animated launch crew added to angled & axial deck carriers
aircraft carrier side elevators now move smoothly vertically
side elevators now cycle randomly every 5 to 10 minutes
new search radar array 3D models on carriers
updated textures files and UV mapping for carrier deck crew & tractors
deck crew and motor launches depart when the carrier starts to sink
catapult rail and launch point 3D model updated for carriers & runway arrestor traps
corrected wake appearance and disappearance coding for attack & target submarines
+ vehicles:
added mine flail vehicle
simple damage model created for airfield tractors
photo realistic personnel faces added to airfield tractors figures
changed base colours & tire textures for airfield tractors

+ towed targets & aerial messages:
initial release

+ cockpit F7F:
added gyroscopic gunsight featurewith custom reticle
new gunsight reflection pane
AN/APG-30 radar rangefinder with target lamp and sliding distance indicator incorporated into gunsight
CRT mounted below gunsight acts as a LLLTV monitor
added AN/ASQ-145 LLLTV control box with animated brightness/contrast knobs and on/off switch
radio altimeter dial with 100ft scale red indicator lamp installed
new internal fuel and drop tank fuel gauges
additional front panel checklist/placards added and existing placards updated
new fuel feed selector box
cabin altitude gauge installed and reads true altitude if canopy is open (cockpit not pressurised)
new avionics fuse rack added and radio tuner updated
ejection seat rails repositioned
front & side panel toggle switches repositioned & their labels updated and a new map caseon side panel
added radio compass, gyro magnetic compass, clock
arrestor hook, flap, canopy, wing position levers repositioned
ASI, AH, gear indictor and altimeter dials & needles updated
damage model now has all eight damaged instruments misreading
gunsight ground proximity line on/offkey assignment changed to Toggle Gunsight
+ plane F7F
for some loadout configurations, added a rear fuse mounted LLLTV turret for RSO (which pilot can also access)
new AEW dorsal radome 3D model
tanker code and drogue/probe positions upgraded to allow a wider variety of IL2 aircraft to dock successfully
new refuelling lights on tanker drogue assembly
external cockpit updated to reflect new gunsight, CRT, instruments, etc
nose now more rounded
fuselage damage model textures updated
wing mounts for ASM-N-5 cruise missile added
increased internal fuel capacity to 520 gals
propeller blade texture updated
+ cockpit RP-54:
cockpit POV changed to give an improved viewpoint when under ballistic parachute
+ plane RP-54:
damage hitBone model criteria for target drone ballistic parachute deployment lowered
+ arms:
new ASM-N-5 ‘Gorgon’ radar guided cruise missile (wings unfold on deployment)
updated ASM-N-3 ‘Medusa’ TV targeted missile with iconoscope nose section
fixed shadow scaling issue for AN/SSQ-1 sonobuoy
+ vehicles:
changed base colour for airfield tractors
+ missions:
night sortie using the new ASM-N-5cruise missile created
.mis files altered with updated F7F-4AJ loadout options

+ plane F7F:
hostile aircraft, vessels &ground forces alerts (relayed from F7F-4AJ/F7F-5SW) for all player aircraft added
updated F7F-4AJ/F7F-5SWweapons.properties entries for these new alerts loadout options
+ ships:
corrected flight deck tractor lights issue for stationary carriers
+ arms:
updated Crossbow stand-off missile java code and removed redundant missile class files

+ plane F7F:
new F7F-4AJ(Multi1)/F7F-5SW(Multi1)summer skins
+ vehicles:
airfield tractor rotating wheels & body .msh’s updated

+ initial release

ecf111 has apply his artistic talents to create over 100+ superb 2048px paint schemes for all F7F variants. Liveries for Argentinean, Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, Dutch, French, Indian, Moroccan, Peruvian, Taiwanese, United Kingdom, United States & South Vietnamese aircraft are available to download.

International paint schemes

United States Navy and Marines paint schemes

Vietnam era paint schemes

cheers mace


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WOW Mace!!! Looks amazing, let me just scrape my jaw off the floor!!! ;D
An inline Tigercat?  Never would thought of that, looks sleek.  I appreciate all functionality you bring to your modules.
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Mace is Ace
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Cool stuff 8)
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 Incredible. I have everything but the high resolution mod. So maybe what I type next is irrelevant. On a concrete runway e.g not carrier using the chock's/ chock command crashes the game to desktop.... Everything else works so far though :D I tried out the homing torpedo's. Pretty cool. There is nothing to let the user know if the torpedo was successful. Did kill ship though.


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Great mods pack. Hunter-killer concept. ]wav[

Un saludo.


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yes mace is back and with new cats yeah now with this and the other f7f pack by mace aswell ASW and AWACS has gone to super sonic heights.
enemy bombers your doom has arrvied.

and from what i can gather from the both the description and change log that this new pack combines both f7f verisons and lso objects and aerial targets and signs. if so thank you mace than less mod folders in my main mod folder eg #SAS since it does take five minutes for game to fully load though but worth it with these f7fs in the game one billion percent yes.


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yes mace is back and with new cats yeah now with this and the other f7f pack by mace aswell ASW and AWACS has gone to super sonic heights.
enemy bombers your doom has arrvied.

and from what i can gather from the both the description and change log that this new pack combines both f7f verisons and lso objects and aerial targets and signs. if so thank you mace than less mod folders in my main mod folder eg #SAS since it does take five minutes for game to fully load though but worth it with these f7fs in the game one billion percent yes.

 It takes 5 minutes to load really? It takes less than a second for me... :P

I can't get the f7f's to take off from carrier. I get a crash every time. But I can take off with any other stock or modded plane other than the f7f's. The chock's crash the game for me as well. The nuclear bomb (fusion) crashes game for me too, but dumb bombs, rockets, semi guided homing cruise missile flies..

 IMPRESSIVE: The reverse thrust works, ty so much. So cool. siphoning fuel from the drop tanks works.


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Geschirrspülmaschine19, [FAC]Ghost129er, SAS~Storebror, throttle_control, erafitti, & epicgamer2010 thank you for the positive comments and feedback, very much appreciated.

throttle_control if you can PM me a logfile that would be great.

Mod was tested on clean installs of BAT 4.1.1 and 4.12 with ModAct5.3 & SAS_Engine_Mod_2.8.20 and all good. throttle_control I suspect your issue may be with your version of Engine_Mod.

cheers mace


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Great one Mace, Very Perfect  ;D ;D ;D.

Keep it up  ]salut[

Best Regards KT503
My Greatest and Best Regards KT503


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Excellent work mace, thank you very much, really appreciated. 8)

Take care and be safe.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D
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