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Author Topic: UberQuick Mission Generator (UQMG) for BAT Project Development News (02 Mar 2021 // Update 004 Released, support BAT WAW 4.1.1)  (Read 27635 times)

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I am not sure I understand.  Can you expand?

Do you mean you are not able to download the update?

Take a 2nd look at the instructions here:  https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65131.msg714961.html#msg714961

I'll do my best to help you.

No Über, I can donwload the update, but on your posts you said some times.

"Some screenshots below"

But I cannot see any screenshot.

Possibly a browser cache issue.  I typically post my screenshots in my website, but if you are able to download my updates you are able to access it... i would doubt there is a block to only a subfolder to my site.  Hmm.

Anyone else having this issue?  I see it every time I go into these pages, and I have done it with different PCs, including IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Android Browser (in phone).  Have not tried in Apple though.
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It has been a while since last update but I am working hard on the Ground Object import from BAT.

Today I generated my first successful build.  It was only of the Moving Object types (Infantry, Armor, Vehicles, Trains, and Ships).  The code needs to be polished and I ran into a few troubles, mainly due to comas and double quotes being included in the text display.  I'll do a little more experimentation tomorrow but it looks promising.  If I can get that code 100%, then it will save me a lot of time on the enormous amount of static elements, but it will be challenging enough.

Once that is done I'll need to work on updating the save files again as some of them use custom ground objects.  This update will take some time but when it comes it will pave the way for work on other modules (DOF/TGA/JTW), and I may introduce some other features in the UQMG code itself.

Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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MG and
« Reply #134 on: December 03, 2020, 12:02:11 AM »

Very happy with the programmatic ability for UCT2020 to process BAT initialization files from Ground Objects.  I was able to generate the first successful and complete lists of moving ground objects, as well as the Aircraft Carrier list which is used by UQMG and its Mission Manager module.  I was able to have a good way to assign categories to all objects (well, somewhat, based on UQMG's classifications)

Armor/Tanks are classified as:
* tl = light tanks (moving infantry falls in this category)
* th = heavy tanks
* ag = assault gun / tank destroyer
* aa = armored AAA tank
* tm = medium tank (the default category)

Vehicles are classified as:
* aa = AAA carrying vehicle
* ac = armored car (moving infantry also falls in this category)
* ca = convoy/column with AAA
* cc = convoy/column (cavalry is also in this category, as well as horse drawn columns)
* vv = vehicles/general (this is default), mounted patrols and taxiing planes fall within this category as well

Trains are classified as:
* aa = trains with AAA or working field guns, or armored trains
* tt = other trains (default category)

Ships are classified as:
* lv = landing ships/vehicles/amphibians
* sb = small boats, smaller ships, mines, moving seaplane
* cv = Aircraft Carriers, including I400 IJN submarine which can launch 4xAichi M6A1 Seirans (Note currently Iowa class and other Seaplane launchers do not work in BAT, so I will not include them as carriers for the moment... plus I'll have to make UQMG code modifications)
* bb = Large Battleships
* ca = Cruisers
* su = submarines
* dd = medium ships / destroyers (default)

Below are samples of the resulting initialization files (only portions due to large size):
Code: [Select]
*********** ARMOR *****************
"1x German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.1-StuGIV,ag,2,0,0
"2x German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.2-StuGIV,ag,2,0,0
"3x German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.3-StuGIV,ag,2,0,0
"4x German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.4-StuGIV,ag,2,0,0
"5x German Assault Gun Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.5-StuGIV,ag,2,0,0
"German Assault-Gun Battery Sturmgeschütz IV",Armor.StuGBtr_IV,ag,2,0,0
"1x German Tank-Destroyer Panzerjäger Marder III Ausf. H",Armor.1-MarderIII,ag,2,0,0
"2x German Tank-Destroyer Panzerjäger Marder III Ausf. H",Armor.2-MarderIII,ag,2,0,0
"3x German Tank-Destroyer Panzerjäger Marder III Ausf. H",Armor.3-MarderIII,ag,2,0,0
"4x German Tank-Destroyer Panzerjäger Marder III Ausf. H",Armor.4-MarderIII,ag,2,0,0
"German Tank-Destroyer Company Marder III Ausf. H",Armor.PzJKp_Marder,ag,2,0,0
"1x German Heavy Tank-Destroyer 'Ferdinand'",Armor.1-Ferdinand,th,2,0,0
"2x German Heavy Tank-Destroyer 'Ferdinand'",Armor.2-Ferdinand,th,2,0,0
"3x German Heavy Tank-Destroyer 'Ferdinand'",Armor.3-Ferdinand,th,2,0,0
"4x German Heavy Tank-Destroyer 'Ferdinand'",Armor.4-Ferdinand,th,2,0,0
"German Heavy Tank-Destroyer Company 'Ferdinand'",Armor.PzJKp_Ferdinand,th,2,0,0
"1x German Tank-Destroyer 'Jagdpanther'",Armor.1-Jagdpanther,ag,2,0,0
"2x German Tank-Destroyer 'Jagdpanther'",Armor.2-Jagdpanther,ag,2,0,0
"3x German Tank-Destroyer 'Jagdpanther'",Armor.3-Jagdpanther,ag,2,0,0
"4x German Tank-Destroyer 'Jagdpanther'",Armor.4-Jagdpanther,ag,2,0,0
"German Tank-Destroyer Company 'Jagdpanther'",Armor.PzJKp_Jagdpanther,ag,2,0,0
"1x German Super-Heavy Mortar 'Karl-Gerät 040'",Armor.1-Karl_600mm,th,2,0,0
"1x Hungarian Self-Propelled AA Gun Carriage 'Nimrod'",Armor.1-Nimrod,ag,2,0,0
"1x German Flakpanzer IV 'Wirbelwind'",Armor.1-Wirbelwind,aa,2,0,0
"1x German Flakpanzer V 'Coelian'",Armor.1-Coelian,aa,2,0,0
"1x Japanese 15cm Self-Propelled Gun Type 4 Ho-Ro",Armor.1-HoRo,ag,2,0,0
"2x Japanese 15cm Self-Propelled Gun Type 4 Ho-Ro",Armor.2-HoRo,ag,2,0,0
"3x Japanese 15cm Self-Propelled Gun Type 4 Ho-Ro",Armor.3-HoRo,ag,2,0,0

*********** CARS *****************
"Ger. Rider 2",Vehicles.CavalerieDE2,vv,2,0,0
"Pack horse",Vehicles.HorseBox,vv,1,0,0
"Mounted patrol",Vehicles.Convoy_Cavalery,vv,1,0,0
"Rus. Mounted patrol",Vehicles.Convoy_Cavalery_RU,vv,1,0,0
"Ger. Mounted patrol",Vehicles.Convoy_Cavalery_DE,vv,2,0,0
"Forklift yellow with driver",Vehicles.Forklift1a,vv,1,0,0
"Forklift yellow with driver + barrel",Vehicles.Forklift2a,vv,1,0,0
"Forklift green with driver",Vehicles.Forklift1b,vv,1,0,0
"Forklift green with driver + barrel",Vehicles.Forklift2b,vv,1,0,0
"Kfz.18 Horch-108a + humans, 1939",Vehicles.Horch18b,ac,2,0,0
"Kfz.18 Horch-108a + pak40 + humans",Vehicles.Horch18c,ac,2,0,0
"Kfz.81 Horch-108a + mounted Flak38, 1939",Vehicles.Horch18Flak,aa,2,0,0
"Ger. colomn Horch-108a",Vehicles.HorchConv,ca,2,0,0
"Ital. FIAT 626 truck (Open)",Vehicles.FIAT626_open,vv,2,0,0
"Ital. FIAT 626 truck (Tent)",Vehicles.FIAT626_tent,vv,2,0,0
"It. Fiat-626 Truck with AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2) trailer",Vehicles.Fiat626_trailer,aa,2,0,0
"It. Fiat-626 Truck + mounted AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2)",Vehicles.Fiat626_AA20x2,aa,2,0,0
"It. colomn Fiat-626",Vehicles.Fiat626_conv,ca,2,0,0
"IT. Fiat truck with AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2) trailer",Vehicles.Fiat_trailer_20x2,aa,2,0,0
"2x IT. Fiat truck with AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2) trailer",Vehicles.2-Fiat_trailer_20x2,aa,2,0,0
"3x IT. Fiat truck with AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2) trailer",Vehicles.3-Fiat_trailer_20x2,aa,2,0,0
"4x IT. Fiat truck with AA Gun Breda 20mm (x2) trailer",Vehicles.4-Fiat_trailer_20x2,aa,2,0,0
"German Large Motorized Fuel Column (50 cubic meters)",Vehicles.MtKolonneFuel,ca,2,0,0
"German Large Motorized Fuel Column (75 cubic meters)",Vehicles.GrKolonneFuel,ca,2,0,0
"Japanese Command Staff Column",Vehicles.JapanCarsColumnA,cc,2,0,0
"Japanese Transport Column I",Vehicles.JapanCarsColumnB,cc,2,0,0
"Japanese Transport Column II",Vehicles.JapanCarsColumnC,cc,2,0,0

*********** TRAINS *****************
"Steam Locomotive ser.E (USSR)",Trains.USSR_Locomotive_2,tt,1,0,0
"Soviet OB-3 Armored Train",Trains.USSR_ArmorTrainOB3,aa,1,0,0
"Soviet NKPS-42 Armored Train",Trains.USSR_ArmorTrainNKPS42,aa,1,0,0
"Soviet Fuel Train/AA",Trains.USSR_FuelTrain/AA,aa,1,0,0
"Soviet Freight Train",Trains.USSR_CargoTrain,tt,1,0,0
"Soviet Freight Train/AA",Trains.USSR_CargoTrain/AA,aa,1,0,0
"Soviet Ammunition Train",Trains.USSR_CargoTrainA,tt,1,0,0
"Soviet Ammunition Train/AA",Trains.USSR_CargoTrainA/AA,aa,1,0,0

*********** SHIPS *****************
"Spanish Bou - Armed Trawler",Ships.SpanishBou,sb,2,0,0
"Cutter Harbor",Ships.Cutter,sb,1,0,0
"Clipper Maria Teresa",Ships.MariaTeresa,dd,1,0,0
"Paddle Steamer PS Ryde",Ships.PSRyde,dd,1,0,0
"Auxiliary Cruiser",Ships.ArmedTramp,ca,2,0,0
"Armed Troop Transport",Ships.TroopTrans0,dd,1,0,0
"Type VIIC winter cammo surfaced",Ships.VIICwinter_Srf,su,2,0,0
"HMS Fiji Class CA",Ships.HMS_Fiji,ca,1,0,0
"Arresting Wire ground, Emergency equipment of Air force base",Ships.RwyArst,cv,1,0,0
"Arresting Wire2, WWII Navy training",Ships.RwyArst2navy,cv,1,0,0
"Arresting Wire3, Modern Jets Navy training as Nimitz class",Ships.RwyArst3nimitz,cv,1,0,0
"US. moored/drifting mine Type 16.2",Ships.Mine_162,sb,1,0,0
"US. moored/drifting mine Type 16.3",Ships.Mine_163,sb,1,0,0
"IJ. moored/drifting mine Type 93.4",Ships.Mine_934,sb,2,0,0
"Ger. moored/drifting mine Type GU",Ships.Mine_GU,sb,2,0,0
"It. moored/drifting mine Type IM",Ships.Mine_IM,sb,2,0,0
"Test Runway 1",Ships.RwyCon,cv,1,0,0
"Test Runway 2",Ships.RwySteel,cv,1,0,0
"Test Runway 3",Ships.RwySteelLow,cv,1,0,0
"Test Runway 4",Ships.RwyTransp,cv,1,0,0
"Test Runway 5",Ships.RwyTranspWide,cv,1,0,0

*********** CARRIER LIST *****************

I did the best I could to adapt the objects to a semi-proper category by using key words and identifiers either in the text display of the object or their syntax/code name.  It is not perfect, but would take way too long to do manually.

I plan to now finalize the routine to generate the UQMG files and incorporate them in the next update.  Before that, of course, I will need to create the Static objects module.  Now that I created this, it will be easier to create the static lists...  I hope.
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I decided to start work on the static objects.  The code polishing will come a little later.  Just trying to get the hard work out of the way.  It will be a little more complex than the moving objects.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using the Ground Objects editor in UQMG:
* It is not a full fledged editor.  What it does is it substitutes existing object categories in the mission template with the ones you specify.  Obviously if you want super detailed ground scenarios you need to edit your missions in the FMB.
* The ground editor allows for aircraft matching, or it can suggest types based on one of the stock IL-2 countries and year
* The ground editor further categorizes types of objects (for example, moving Armor is classified into light-, medium-, heavy-tank, self-propelled gun/tank destroyer, and armored AAA)
* If you want all medium tanks for a particular team to be a specific type, say a T-34, you can do that
* Automatch will try to match the types of planes in the mission with the parked static planes
* You can remove an entire sub-category of objects if you want.  Say you want to remove all armored cars, you can
* You can substitute any subcategory of object with another subcategory.  For example, if you want all heavy-tanks to be substituted by a light tank, you can do that.

Keep in mind when UQMG was created, IL-2 was in its first form, so there was no such thing as specifying a country for a static plane, or country border markers, etc, so some of the earlier maps in UQMG do not have parked planes with countries.  I plan to eventually revise that.

(* NOTE) Also in this update, I have decided to make the following objects a part of many categories to give you some flexibility:
* Balloons
* Ambient sounds
* Animated Objects
* Sirens/Lights/Smoke/Fires
* Radio stations
* All C&C objectss

For those objects, you will be able to select them under the following UQMG categories:
* Balloons (subcategory of  Objects)
* Siren
* Search Light
* Light
* Smoke
* Fire

This will give you flexibility to add specially C&C categories to your mission.  I figure those would be the least affected objects.  You will still have to be cautious about substituting objects for Search Lights and other Lights due to automatic removal during days with good weather.

The following are the categories and subcategories of Static Objects:

* tl = Light Tank
* tm = Medium Tank
* th = Heavy Tank
* ag = Assault Gun (Tank destroyers, self-propelled guns)
* aa = AAA
* fa = Field Artillery (it also includes infantry, stand alone weapons)
* ac = Armored Car (default, includes everything else)

* pp = People
* lv = Landing Vehicle
* sb = Small Boat (includes J2F Seaplane)
* cv = Carriers (Includes Surfaced IJN I-400 Submarine which can launch up to 4 Seiran seaplanes)
* bb = Battleships / very large ships
* ca = Cruisers
* su = Submarines
* dd = Destroyers (default/everything else)

Objects (Non shooting/static):
* ww = Train Wagons
* fa = All Artillery
* aa = AAA
* ac = Armored Car
* ba = Baloon (See note (*) above regarding other objects added under this subcategory)
* ta = Tanks/Destroyers
* vv = Vehicles (everything else, including horse drawn, patrols)

The remainder categories do not have subcategories:
* ss = Siren (see note * above)
* sl = Search Light (see note * above)
* ll = Light (see note * above)
* sm = Smoke (see note * above)
* ff = Fire (see note * above)
* op = Racing Pylons (building category, I am going to include all buildings since the BAT list makes it so easy for me to put it there... why not...)

OK well back to work...
Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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Excellent News!

All Ground Object Files (which contain the object data for the UQMG Ground Editor) are done!  The code is good, and it creates the files fairly fast.

These are the object files:
* moving armor objects
* moving vehicle objects (includes taxiing planes)
* moving train objects
* moving ship objects
* buildings and scenery
* static artillery (shooting objects)
* static ships
* static objects (non shooting) (includes animated planes)
* sirens / search lights / lights / smoke / fires (these are used for access to same objects, including radios and C&C, I also added the generic spawn point, although I am not sure what the effect will be)

Next I need to work on another mass substitution routine to replace the existing suggested ground sets, similar to what I did for the static planes.  This should be achievable in the next few days, along with adjustments to the existing "uqmg" files (so I gotta write code for that as well)

Once that is done, it is a matter of packaging and releasing Update 003:

* More stability
* Adds all ground objects in BAT WAW RED CORE 4.0
* Automatic online check for updates/upgrades
* UQMG background in IL-2 interface in NN/None country
* Random or user-choice splash screen
* Launch IL-2 1946 / SAS BAT from UQMG or switch focus to IL-2 from UQMG

Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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Good news.  Update 003 is near.  Fixed lots of bugs.  All the mass substitution sets are ready and working, and I fixed some of the files.  Just an advisory, the number of objects supported by UQMG is enormous, due to all the new mods in WAW, so loading up can take a little time.

But alas... I created a new one, so I have to go back to UQMG classic and fix the routine for Racing Poles.  I decided to add the capability to replace Racing Poles with other building-like objects, but inadvertently if you Remove them all, then all building type objects are replaced... and if you chose a replacement for the pylons... all scenery buildings added in the template are removed as well.

I am sure I can fix this... or maybe I just go back to a simpler interface...  Either way, it is a "feature"  :D

Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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Soon I will release update 003 of UQMG for SAS/BAT WAW RCBE (Red Core/Blue Edge).  After the release I'll get work on getting 4.1.1 support.

Here is some eye candy featuring some of the BAT ground objects, which now are all available through the UQMG ground editor.  The editor uses substitution as its main feature.  Say you want all allied tanks in a map template to be of a certain type.  That is what it does.  Not as detailed as the one in FMB, but not bad for a quick mission generator.  I have included all objects and the path is set for compatibility moving forward.  At this point I could start working on the other modules (DOF, JTW, TGA), but getting the 4.1.1 update has priority.  Then, DOF, then JTW, then TGA.  After that, better features in UQMG, and who knows... maybe a map generator, and ... yes... the possibility of adding custom aircraft mods.  (The last one will probably be an extra step after generating a mission, but nevertheless, a possibility)

Here is some eye candy.

As you can see, blind substitution sometimes generates unexpected results... like a large plane inside a small hangar, or birds coming out of a ship...

Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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Merry Christmas.

Update 003 is release here:  https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,65131.0.html

Note that from now on, there will be only one update at a time.  This means you only download two zip files:
* The core UQMG installation (25MB)
* Whatever update it is (77MB), which currently is Update 003.

In the next update, you would uninstall Update 003 with JSGME, then you would download the next update.

It does require starting UQMG in an older version to take care of some needed procedures, but then you install the update from JSGME.
Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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 :upside_down_banana: :animated_dancing_banana: :upside_down_banana:
Thanks a lot for the update UberDemon! ;D



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You are welcome.

Working on 4.1.1 currently, and fixing some annoyances.  The next release will do a better job at selecting default countries for each plane (whether blue or red teams). 

The defaults are largely based on "air.ini" but that file has always had limited and/or erroneous information and sometimes mismatched teams and countries/units.  In order to fix that, and thanks to the way SAS organizes their air.ini in sections, I can now programmatically do 80% of the work, and then look through some details for manual changes (which become then automated with scripts, but which have to be reviewed every time there is a BAT release).

For example, Royal Navy aircraft will pick Royal Navy as default, even if aircraft in that section of the air.ini has USA or other country as default.  It will also fix mismatches and correct errors (like making sure that non-existing codes like it01, or au01 are replaced with correct units...  this is important because I missed some of those and if you select a particular plane in UQMG, it may cause it to crash.  Something else that is fixed is properly assigning French aircraft to France instead of Finland (it is is seen in air.ini for some aircraft).

I also improved the way opposite/captured teams script.  For example, there are default countries who are opposites.  Typically a USAAF plane's default opponent, if it was picked in the blue team would be the Imperial Japanese Army...  but B-17s for example go to Germany, because a few planes like that were used by KG200 in German markings.

I am sure it won't be perfect... and some things are largely based on what my opinion is... but it should be an improvement in the next update.
Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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Just some quick news.

I am busy with work and family, but I am steadily working on updates.  I have the 4.1.1 WAW port done.  Things that are new:
* Support for Amphibian and special planes.  The solution is not that sophisticated.  Aircraft like the Gear Beriev are duplicated.  One is a Seaplane which actually operates from water, and the other is a land base plane which operates from runways, or actually carriers.  Same with the Seiran, there is a pure seaplane version, and another version which fools UQMG into thinking it is a wheeled plane... that is the way you can use it with the I-400 carrier submarine.  The Super Duck is the same, a seaplane and a wheeled version (to activate the wheels in it you have to use the Air Brakes).  I decided to do the same to the Kingfisher in hopes in the future the IOWA class battleships support it in BAT.

Actually, doing this is surprisingly challenging from a programmatic approach.

* Fixed numerous issues related to outdated files.

* Currently fixing numerous issues with carrier operations... still a work in progress.

That is all for now, still working issues but I hope to have things fixed.

... two weeks...
Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at http://www.uberdemon.net


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