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Author Topic: B.A.T. Patches: current v3.8.5  (Read 30517 times)

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B.A.T. Patches: current v3.8.5
« on: March 02, 2020, 10:21:05 AM »

NEW PATCH v3.8.5
B.A.T. Patches (current: v3.8.5)

This is the new master thread for all current patches as they become available!

- only the relevant "live" patches will be posted here
- outdated patches will be removed to avoid confusion

You can assume that all the patches offered for download here are currently needed to be up to date.

Why a new thread for B.A.T. patches?

I think it's much more transparent and visible to have this in a separate thread, particularly if there are several patches to a BAT main version, which may become a thing that sticks.

To shorten service times, and at the same time extending live time of main versions,  I am planning to deliver several smaller patches to BAT 3.8 PEGASUS over the coming months. It is a bit of change in concept to deliver fixes as well as some new content, and I will evaluate how well this works.

One advantage is, that you, the users, can receive packages at shorter intervals.
This can shorten the time until something gets integrated into BAT and also shortens delays in deploying fixes and improvements.

A drawback is that there may be more patches than previously, and you will have to keep up to date and install the patches in a consecutive manner, one on top of the other.

What is the current Patch installation order?

BAT main version:  BAT v3.8 PEGASUS
BAT patch 1:          v3.8.1   (Feb 2020)
BAT patch 2:          v3.8.2   (Mar 2020)
BAT patch 3:          v3.8.3   (Apr 2020)
BAT patch 4:          v3.8.4   (Jun 2020)
BAT patch 5:          v3.8.5   (Aug 2020)

Install all the patches in their proper order! Not just the last patch.

For detailed information, see patch descriptions below

How do I install a patch?

1. download the exe
2. deactivate all JSGME Mods for safety
3. run the exe and extract into your BAT install
4. enjoy

A patch will not delete the folders #WAW3, #JTW3, #TGA3 and #DOF3!
It will only add or overwrite the files affected by the patch.

Q: Oh dear, I have accidentally missed a patch or installed them in wrong order - how can I fix it?
A: Simply install all the patches again in the correct order and you are done.

Q: Oh dear, I have not deactivated JSGME BATMODS before installing a patch - how can I fix it?
A: Simply run the process again: Deactivate all JSGME BATMODS, run the patch again, activate JSGME again. The Patch can not damage the content of BATMODS itself.

Q: I have installed additional mod folders in #WAW3. Will they be deleted by installing a patch?
A: No. Patches only add or overwrite files that belong to BAT. Any new folders of yours will be left untouched.

Q: I have installed additional aircraft/objects... Will ini files be overwitten?
A: Yes, if a patch brings new content, the relevant ini files will be rewritten and you will have to add your personal entries again afterwards.

Detailed patch content descriptions below (newest patch at the top):

BAT 3.8.5 Patch


- BAT_MissionProCombo-PLUS_v2.0 (by Whistler)

with all-new FMB object browser!


- New Wind class mod by WxTech 

Includes the Flag and Windsock fixes!


- ship pack

BAT ships master cbradbury put together a package of the latest (and some ancient but missing...) ship mods for the various era modules!

Thanks to all ship creators like gio963tto, asheshouse, tvister, Sani...!

It's a bigger list so here's his pdf for overview of what is new and in what era module:

Dark skinned stock soldier and figure set (by vampire_pilot)




Lohner L / Macchi L1
- cockpit rework: 3d and instruments
- gunner rework: position and 3d.
- dedicated new FM

A different choice of base cockpit makes for better immersion and better fitting looks. I fixed the indicators of the instruments so they are usable now.
The gunner station has also been slightly retouched. It's still not perfect but a bit better. The new FM is still tricky on takeoff but much easier once you get the hang of it.


FokkerDXVII_V2 by Zflyer48

Northrop Gamma 2D
The Northrop Gamma had various iterations. The 2D was famous for being a fast postal and passenger plane built for TWA. It once held the Coast-to-Coast record. The Gamma was also used by racers and adventurers, like Jacky Cochrane, Lincoln Ellsworth and Russell Thaw.

3d Frankenmod by RedEyeJir,
slot, default skin by vampire_pilot

  • Vildebeest fixes by sosezi
  • New cockpit for the Boeing Stearman (vampire_pilot)
  • Royal Navy V class destoyers by gio963tto


J4M family update by Kodama and Paulus

Ki-98 family by Kodama and Paulus

Ta-152 H fictionals by Paulus

Cockpit update Il-2 by Greiff

Cockpit update P-40 E + M by Dr. Strangelove

  • F6F night gauge update by WxTech
  • Vildebeest fixes by sosezi
  • Do-18 update by Team IES, SAS-Epervier
  • New cockpit for the Boeing Stearman (vampire_pilot)


Folland Gnat F.1 (Frankenmod)
A lightweight nimble and fast fighter that became successful in the Indian Air force against Pakistani F-86, dubbed "Sabre Slayer". Finland was the only other nation that used the F.1.

The wings take up markings options but are not skinnable. The fuselage needs a pre-marked skin. Selection of India or Finland will show a properly marked fuselage automatically, any other nation will come with a blank camo default. I included a blank default skin in the skin folder for anyone to work with.

Frankenmod by vampire_pilot: (slot, skins)
based on the AMX

Saab J-29 Tunnan Frankenmod "re-vamped"

Original mod by Ectoflyer/CWatson (2013)

modifications by vampire_pilot:
- slight 3d fixes (wing fences, wing position)
- additional armament of 14 HVAR
- new paintjobs, now country sensitive
- performance improved Flightmodel

This Frankenmod is not skinnable but now its paintjob country sensitive!
- select "Sweden" for a fully marked Swedish Tunnan
- select "Austria" for a fully marked Austrian Tunnan
- select any other country for Swedish UN Congo paint-job

fly this plane with markings set to OFF.

New Soviet Cold War jets come into play by Bison_M:


Yak-27 & Yak-28

Tu-183 Prototype

-Hawker Seahawk rocket release order fixed (vampire_pilot)

various other fixes and updates:
- More gunsight fixes - Whistler
- various small fixes you might not even notice

BAT 3.8.4 Patch



- BAT_MissionProCombo-PLUS_v1.8.2 (by Whistler)

- New Sun class mod by WxTech 

- new clouds by DESPERAUX


Ceylon 1942 - by squashman


Aircraft updates by erafitti

Spad VII

Reworked and improved Zeppelins v2.4!
original Zeppelins: gio963tto
rework: vampire_pilot, SAS~Storebror

-new improved flighmodel. Less critical to bomb loadout weight.
-extreme endurance
-additional loadouts with incendiaries and flares
-fixed some instruments and cockpits
-additional view, leaning outside the gondola (use "aim view")
-When "Empty" loadout is selected, the gunners become invisible.


The design was never used by the Regia Aeronautica but a few examples were exported to China.
by Zflyer48
skin: herbarnold99

Waco UPF-7 
The Waco F-Series was one of the most popular light aircraft in the 30s. It was introduced as an USAAF trainer as UPF-7.
There also is a Float version available, the Waco UM
export by Dimon

Ki-30 Redux update by Edlor and tvister

-Waco UPF-7 

-Reworked and improved Zeppelins v2.4


Fw-187 "Falke".
A Kurt Tank designed twin engine fighter. The Bf-110 was already the Luftwaffe's chosen type, so this plane remained in prototype stage, despite being very competitive (and beautiful).
by SAS~GJE52

Designed as a Seaplane by Dornier Switzerland, it was produced in limited numbers and exported. A prototype with landing gear was tested but never mass produced. This great mod comes in both fashions.
3Ds by Zflyer48
Original F1M "Pete" mod by Mikoyan99
Revised May-2014 by CWatson
Modified FM by Dreamk, Mission_bug, Zflyer48

F1M2 new version by SAS~Bombsaway
This is a completely new 3D version of the Famous F1M seaplane with a very nice selction of loadouts.
Credits are as follows...
mikoyan99 for original plane, SAS~Epervier , SAS~vampire_pilot  , stanislao for skins, Dimon and mendruguin 3D add ons.
DreamK for his flares.
CWatson for getting all the 3d updates to work, getting the throttle to work in the right direction, class files and so much more.
SAS~Bombsaway for load outs, classfile work, making new flare classfile and object and whatever else I cant think of.

Swordfish float version by Mission_bug
A completely reworked Floatfish from Mission_bug
by Mission_Bug
6Sc.Tamat - 3D model
6S.Maraz - import, java classes, coding and FM
CanonUK - new default skins
Ranwers - new cockpit
New default skin:  herbarnold99

Waco UPF-7 
The Waco F-Series was one of the most popular light aircraft in the 30s. It was introduced as an USAAF trainer as UPF-7.
There also is a Float version available, the Waco UM
import by Dimon

BT-13 Valiant
The Vultee BT-13 was the basic trainer flown by most American pilots during World War II
import by Dimon

Bf-108 by Dimon
The famous sports and liaison aircraft by Willy Messerschmitt.
import by Dimon

Ki-30 Redux update by Edlor and tvister

I-15 cockpit update
B-17 cockpit unification
Zeppelin 2.4 update


-The seaplanes have been divided into Axis and Allies for better navigation and the RAF has their own transport section now.

-Cbradbury thankfully has assisted with a rearrangement of the ships in the listings. Their default speeds have been standardized too, so convoy building may be easier now.

-Please note, I have created a new sub section near the bottom in aircraft, which will contain slots superseded by newer versions in *different slots*. These can be for example Frankenplanes replaced or 3d reworks under in different slot, like for example the F1M. I have those older entries  "grandfathered", since all the files are present anyway and they were used in older campaigns, so those would still work.

Kriegsmarine Ship Pack by Asheshouse
Gneisenau, Scharnhorst, Hipper Class, Torpoedo Boat
Integration by cbradbury


F7F-3N Radar cockpit v1.1 - SAS~Skylla

- Su-7 family bomb loadout trigger fix
- Mig-21 center line pylon fix

- weapons.properties cleanup by vampire_pilot, SpongeBob, cbradbury
- various loadout error fixes, vampire_pilot, SpongeBob

various other fixes and updates:

- fixes in stationary.ini
- He-51 position light fix
- Many more gunsight fixes - Whistler
- various small fixes you might not even notice

BAT 3.8.3 Patch


BAT_MissionProCombo-PLUS_v1.8.1 (by Whistler)

Towed Targets & Aerial Messages by mace

A new version of mace's target banners, including awesome text banners is now available in TGA, WAW and JTW modules, with many new aircraft made available as tugs in BAT 3.8.3!

The Readme is avaibale in BATDOCS folder, the templates can be found inside the skins/noseart/Templates_Messages folder.


Iwo to Kanto map retextured - Bombsaway
Pacific A, fictional map - agracier
Alaska - damienn902



Pfalz D.III
This was the first major original design from Pfalz Flugzeugwerke. Though generally considered inferior to contemporary Albatros and Fokker fighters, the D.III was widely used by the Jagdstaffeln from late 1917 to mid-1918. Thanks to Barnsey and Gumpy now also in IL-2 skies.
original 3d by STUART GREEN
rework of original model by BARNESY Freemodding
skins by GUMPY
java, slot by CWATSON


Keystone B-3      
A new American Bomber, introduced 1930. It features all characteristics of a WW1 era wooden aircraft in the inter-war years of transition.
by Zflyer48, CWatson
skin by dona

Macchi M.33F (Porco Rosso) re-introduction.
I finally figured out how to make this flying boat work again in TGA. Race it or take it into battle for mysterious islands or the coast of Cape Suzette...
Gerd, Mission-bug, tarakan67, gio963tto


P-40 N-5-CU (P)  Kittyhawk IV with expanded loadouts
Armed with it's obligatory 6 Guns
installment, as well as the proposed 2500 lb bombload. i.e. you'll see
it cracking up 2000 lb as seen in Italy 1944 ... As a cream I'd like to
implement the 26th FS 51st Fighter Group(74 Sqn?)/China M8 launchers as another loadout.
by Knochenlutscher

Martin Baker M.B.-5
Said to be superior to some late Spitfires but discarded over production restrictions at MB, this will make a great addition for what-if late war scenarios!
101tfs: Import into IL-2 1946
SAS~Storebror: Slot, Flight Model
Update by SAS~Bombsaway and CWatson


BAE Sea Harrier (Franken) in its own slot!
Started by Dr.Strangelove, this is a somewhat "raw" stand-in Sea Harrier FRS.1. But the nose is more convincing now, isn't it?
Maybe there will be more updates in the future.

The integration idea came from E27-RAPTOR from Team TOAS. I have reworked the default skin and with the help of SAS~Storebror have created a new selection of suitable and realistic loadouts for the FRS.1. Twin 30mm ADEN guns, AIM-9H and L, as well as Indian Navy Matra Magic....
A skin pack will be available in a separate download in the skins section.

various other fixes and updates:

- Engine Mod 2.8.19 update  - western
- various Weapons.properties fixes
- static.ini fixes and updates
- DOF SPAD XIII gunsight fix  - Whistler
- TGA He-50 3d update - CWatson
- WAW Bf-109 and FW-190 loadout fixes - 9ball, Sturmbock
- WAW Crusader III turret fix
- WAW MC.200 Series 1 R.A. gear bug fix
- JTW Iron Works T-Cats static object entry fix
- JTW F-14 V1.21 update  - by western

BAT 3.8.2 Patch


BAT_MissionProCombo-PLUS_v1.7 (by Whistler)

- New Guinea New Britain Maps (4.13)
- Smolensk Army Group Centre, by Mandrill

- Additional gliders added DFS-230, Horsa and Hamilcar

- Original 3d model creators - [Not disclosed]
- Importation IL-2 - Dimon Vertex
- 3d fixes Team IES

- New tow aircraft for gliders:
         Ju-52 3mg4e , Halifax Mk.III, Whitley Mk.V, Lancaster Mk.III (vampire_pilot)

various other fixes and updates:
- various Weapons.properties fixes
- static.ini fixes and updates
- Skua wing fold fix (western)
- Seafire Mk II spawn fix (western)
- DH Hornet collision and spawn bug fix (western)
- Junkers G38 engine and take off fix (western)
- B-52, B-47, C-135 families FMB crash fix (Storebror)
- F-84 RATO fix (Storebror)
- ag_China_Coast airfield fixes (Bombsaway)
- Iwo Jima airfield fixes (Bombsaway)
- B-29 Alley Iwo Jima fixes (Bombsaway
- Falklands/Malvinas update (Bombsaway)
- RAF cockpits - no more pin-ups (Airbourne)

BAT 3.8.1 Patch


Pe-2bis series 2: A rocket armed Pe-2 that was burried in the files and now has been listed properly.

He-50 in its own TGA slot!
Previously this has only been a 3d option in BATMODS, now in its own slot with German loadouts.
   1. EHood, for an awesome idea, and a TON of great info, research, and help.
   2. Archie, for the awesome Template that was the base of this work!
   3. SAS community for being awesome, for encouragement, and for supporting growth of this game and teamwork/collaboration!
   4. The original creators of our phenominal game!
   5. Fresco23, for a tiny amount of painting.

slot and German loadouts: vampire_pilot

The PV-1 Ventura and PV-2 Harpoon were developed after the success of the Hudson.
This old mod was a bit burried and overlooked but I thought it's worth dusting it off to complete the lineup. SAS~Bombsaway and CWatson did some serious polishing.
Maty12: Skin andTestpilot
Gio: 3D work and Meshes
Edlor: Default Mk III skin and damage skins
WTE-Newy: Gunner's cockpit
Doc Holiday previous updates and release.

SAS~Bombsaway: Class file work, Hier.Him work and MSH adjustments
CWatson: Classfile work, INI entries, adding new landing light MSH's and tech support to SAS!Bombsaway

Here's the F6F-5N nightfighter! It's a simple 3d and loadout variant, it does not have integrated java radar (yet) but you can easily pair it with a C&C airborne radar in a mission and you will have a nice nightfighter in the PTO.

various other fixes and updates:

In a continuous effort, Whistler fixed more tube sights, particularly in all of TGA module.

- Fixed spelling errors, listing inconsistencies and other minor things.
- Addition of Russian language files (Stock content only, but extracted)
- DC-2 loading error in TGA fixed
- Bu-181 Panzerschreck loadout fix
- F7F-5SW loadout fix
- PBY 3d update
- P-43 version update by CWatson
- MB-174 version update by IES

A friendly reminder: No Tech Help Will Be Provided In This Thread
Help requests may be deleted without further notice. Use the Tech Help Forum for everybody's benefit.


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2020, 10:21:23 AM »

Here's a list of aircraft which are able to tow glider or targets in BAT WAW

From stock game:
C-47 and all DC-3 variants

BAT specific as of 3.8
Lysander TT  (intended for aerial target)
TBD-1          (intended for aerial target)
A-25 Shrike  (intended for aerial target)
Ki-46 Recce  (intended for aerial target)
Caproni 210  (intended for aerial target)

BAT specific as of 3.8.2
Avro Lancaster III    (intended for Hamilcar)
Short Stirling III      (intended for Hamilcar)
Whitley V                (inteded for Horsa)
Ju-52 3m4g            (inteded for DFS-230)

BAT specific as of 3.8.3 (intended for the new Banners) 
Fleet Fawn
Letov 328
Travel Air 4000 family
Tiger Moth

Letov 328
PA-18 Piper Cub
Tiger Moth
(A)T-6 Texan

Meteor F.8
T-6 Texan
PA-18 Piper Cub
Cessna 172

These aircraft can pull any target/glider. The "intended" is just a suggestion.
Remember to set low loads/fuel and set reasonable speeds, particularly with weaker aircraft. You can't pull a Hamilcar at 400 km/h, it will break loose. IRL it was towed at ~250 km/h. Also keep in mind, the tug must be able to maintain altitude and speed or AI will cut the towing item lose to save itself.



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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2020, 12:06:01 PM »

Thanks a lot to the SAS team! This is always good news when errors are fixed. ]hello2[


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2020, 12:26:17 PM »

Thank you x3456 million.  Orne River bridges watch out!  Eben Emael, your time has come!

Hans-Joachim Marseille

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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2020, 12:46:12 PM »

Thx a lot for the patch - especially for a "certain fix".  ;)


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2020, 12:51:50 PM »

Yes, thanks!!!  :woohoo_dancing_banana: And the new approach to patches seems like a good idea!
My aim: to build campaigns for Mods! You can find them here: http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=search&sa=740


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2020, 09:16:17 PM »

Thank you!  :) :) :) :)


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #7 on: March 02, 2020, 11:54:31 PM »

And again, many thanks! Yet another smooth download and installation (albeit, thanks to IE, with a "Run Anyway" workaround), and my BAT is still smooth and true.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #8 on: March 03, 2020, 01:03:04 AM »

The best gets better and better :) :) :) :)


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #9 on: March 03, 2020, 01:04:26 AM »

Hi Vampire. Interesting idea. Will you be combining these mini updates into one later maxi update or will they remain as independent mini updates.


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2020, 01:33:41 AM »

Thanks very much for your continued generous efforts, fanbloodytastic!


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Re: B.A.T. Patches: v3.8.2 is out
« Reply #11 on: March 05, 2020, 06:58:09 AM »

Thanks! Great job !  ]hello2[ ]notworthy[ ]thumbsup[
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