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Author Topic: Tank Tips and Tricks for BoX and in general  (Read 180 times)

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Tank Tips and Tricks for BoX and in general
« on: January 15, 2020, 07:28:00 AM »

As many of you know I am quite a fan of tanks and some of you have expressed that you may not be as knowledgeable about them, I’m writing up this so that I can teach you about them some and the best way to fight them or fight with them in BoX.  Most of this comes from real world research but knowing the IL-2 guys like of realism I’m sure some of it applies.

Combatting tanks:
A tank commanders biggest fear is always the aircraft, the armor protection on most tanks is very thin on the top however this doesn’t mean an easy kill. Attacking  tanks from the air with small caliber guns(ex .50 cal) is a waste of time as a tank that can’t protect itself from heavy machine gun fire isn’t very useful. Larger guns such as 20mm may not be effective as well however they can do things like wreck tracks and damage visors and gun sights.  Large caliber guns can be very effective against medium to small class and some heavy class tanks.  The rounds will penetrate the thin roof armor or armor over the engine compartment/fuel tanks.    AP rounds (this goes for all guns) can be bounced off the ground under a tank In order to hit the thin armor under the belly. Aircraft carried HE rounds no matter the caliber, generally won’t do much damage at all as the rounds splatter when hitting the armor plate Rockets(AP being the most effective) are capable of penetrating most tanks top and side armor. Bombs are the most effective tank killers, a near miss by a 500 pound bomb will likely flip a tank over or rip off the tracks.

Fighting with tanks:
As a tank commander your main duty is to support the infantry or combat other tanks, some tanks are better at it then others.  A tanks thickest armor is always on the front with the sides and rear being the thinnest. Sloping or angling of the armor increases the thickness in relation to the angle a shell hits it.  Tank on tank combat may be a bit intimidating but is not that hard. Most tanks have weak spots such as the vison ports or turret joints. The tracks on a tank are the most vulnerable part blow a track off and any tank becomes immobile. Make sure in combat that you shut the visors as they are only protected by a small piece of armored glass, this can be penetrated by MG rounds even. Most tanks have a coaxial MG that is harmonized with the drop from the main gun this can be used to adjust range on the gun sights. 
Individual notes on each tank so far

T-34(both models):
The T-34 as mike put it once is the IL-2 of tanks, they were able to be mass produced and easily replaced.  As a  result they are not the most armored or  biggest gunned tank. They are fast and have a 76mm main gun that is very effective against most targets, but will struggle against heavy tanks. Use the speed advantage to get around the large lumbering heavy tanks and shoot from the rear. The 45mm of front sloping armor is effective against the smaller 50mm guns of the Panzer IIIs and most smaller anti tank guns but the long barreled 75mm guns on the panzer IV will penetrate it as will the tigers 88 with ease

The KV is a Russian heavy tank armed with the same gun as the T-34. The gun rules for it apply the same. Its armor however is a far different story. The KV-1 has 75mm of well sloped armor on the hull and 85mm on the front of the turret, the sides are also very well armored. The drivers visor is a weak spot unless its closed. The armor on the KV-1 makes it very large and slow however on a road it can move faster.

The SU-122 is a self-propelled gun mounted on the same chassis as the T-34 so it shares many of the same components such as the engine and drive train. The SU-122 is armed with a 122mm howitzer that can fire both HE and Armor penetrating shaped rounds. This tank is devastating against most everything due to the sheer explosive power of its rounds it can kill tigers from a distance even.  The 122mm rounds are two piece rounds the shell and propellant are loaded separately, this slows down reloading dramatically. The main gun sight is a major weakness as it sticks up through a large open hatch on the roof so open a well-aimed MG will be able to take it out. It is also hampered by only 40 rounds of ammo

Sherman M4A2:
The Sherman is a lend lease version  of the famous M4 Sherman tank used by the Americans. It uses a set of twin diesels to power it. It is fast on and off road, not as fast as the T-34 but still quick. The armor is thin but well sloped. The gun on the Sherman is on par with the one the T-34 uses however it does not have an adjustable gun sight so ranging is done by the diagram on the side of the gun breech. Iv discovered that this tank is very top heavy and if you try to make a high speed turn you will flip it on its side. It is also armed with a .50 cal MG on the top of the turret that is capable of downing aircraft. It does not have the ability to turn in place like other tanks in the game.

Panzer III(both models)
The panzer III is a tank that is best suited to infantry support, or training duty. The 50mm gun can tackle light tanks and a T-34 if hit in the right place. The armor on the Panzer  three is very thin even though it is spaced and it is only moderately fast

Panzer IV
This tank is the vast improvement over the Panzer III the armor on the front of the hull is unsloped at 80mm, so it will deflect some rounds however a direct hit tends to blow the bolt on plate off. The 75mm long barred gun is the swan song of this tank, its not as powerful as the tigers 88 but has a very long range and is effective at range. The side skirts  are added protection against smaller caliber AP rounds and HE round from artillery however they tend to get blown off in one hit and are heavy making the tank slow to move over terrain. The gun optics are superb and well-marked for each shell type

Panzer VI “Tiger”:
The tiger is the beast of this game it has 102mm of front armor and 80mm on all sides in addition to the dreaded “88” cannon. The gun is accurate to over a mile and will penetrate heavy tanks at that range it also has a very flat trajectory so sight adjustments under 700 yards isn’t really needed. The tank also weighs 53 tons so is very slow off road and climbing hills. The tracks and complicated suspension is prone to damage and the engine also has a tendency to overheat on spring/summer maps.  It also has a very slow turret transverse so close range combat can be an issue at times. The high caliber HE rounds the SU-122 and SU-152 use are this tanks biggest threat aside from a lucky shot to the rear or a bomb hit.



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Re: Tank Tips and Tricks for BoX and in general
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2020, 07:36:17 AM »

Nice summary Flanker, thank you very much!

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Re: Tank Tips and Tricks for BoX and in general
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2020, 07:40:47 AM »

im sure im going to have to add more when the release the next few updates for it, the SU-152 is going to be a monster those 152mm anti concrete rounds were made to go thru like 3 meters of the stuff
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