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Author Topic: Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"  (Read 922 times)

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Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"
« on: September 13, 2019, 10:04:28 AM »

These two campaigns are a "must have played".

Fly RAAF Beaufighters in the PTO.

These campaigns are old - ancient. From the days when Pacific Fighters was young ... we are talking the year 2006, that's over 13 years ago, and game version 4.04m

But in my opinion these two campaigns  by Dubbo are build as ingenuous and atmospheric as it gets. For example, you taxi to take-off way before it was a feature... They hold up to anything produced these days and will shine in new colours when played with the mod enhanced objects and maps!
But the storytelling is something else. I think, that's where the magic happens, it's two extremely well written interactive pulp novelettes. As a bonus, in Castaways you will get a few sweet cooking recipes along the way.

Dubbo made two very nice pieces of cover art for them.



Cut-off behind enemy lines, you and your band of merry men try to keep the good fight going up against the empire of Japan with limited supplies and maintenance skills and a Beaufighter.

It's a paradise that you have to fight to keep.

Contains a bit of everything, intercept, ground-attack, anti-ship and fighter sorties.

Missions range in difficulty from near-impossible to easy, but the key is to make it "home" each time with your aircraft intact. You are not after points. You do want action but just because targets present themselves, it doesn't mean it's prudent to go after them.

Fly smart!!

Very important to read the briefings carefully otherwise you will not know where you are going nor what you are supposed to do............once again, pay attention to the briefs....important.




The sequel to Castaways - 16 mission Beaufighter campaign in New Guinea

You & Randy were received somewhat as heroes upon your return to Townsville. Less than a month after you resurfaced,
the USN & USMC took back the island chain that had been your little slice of the war for that brief period. Intelligence provided by you, Randy, Eddie & the others on enemy strengths, positions & habits proved invaluable & saved many an Allied life.

After countless debriefings & some well-deserved leave, you rejoined your old outfit something of a living legend. Tales of your exploits put you in good standing with Group Captain C.J. Glasscock & you received a promotion to Squadron Leader shortly after you resumed flying. Well-liked and respected, you had become the RAAF’s golden boy, far removed from the green pilot who got lost and ran out of fuel his first mission out.

Randy went a different path. News of his culinary & linguistic talents spread throughout the military and civilian community alike, and before long the RAN came sniffing around to see if the man lived up to the legend. Apparently they were impressed by what they saw and before your leave was up, (you were hanging out together in Townsville) he was offered a commission in the Royal Australian Navy as a Lieutenant assigned to the Allied Intelligence Bureau. He was able to tell you at least that much over pots of XXXX in the Grand Hotel before he left for South East Queensland and was swallowed up by the cloak & dagger blokes. The rest of your leave passed in an alcohol-induced haze spent in the Grand Hotel. There was, after all, a war on & it was not your place to question the decision to break your team up.

After a brief return to action over the New Guinea jungle, the squadron was transferred back to Port Moresby to be rested and re-supplied. Weeks of training in low-level raids, cross-country navigation and anti-shipping operations were followed by lectures on evasion & survival in the hostile environment that was most of New Guinea. There was talk about fitting the new Beaufighters with defensive armament for the observer position but before this came about, a summons from Group Captain Glasscock (or "Old Brittledick" as he was called behind his back)
set your future on a different track.

You were sweating dark stains all over your khakis as you entered the Group Commander’s office, and the noisy old floor fan running in the corner did little to move the syrupy air about. After getting the formalities out of the way the GC outlined his plan for you.

Although the front line had never been clearly defined in this theatre of the war, the plan was to establish and operate a small hidden airfield from deep within enemy territory. Using local intelligence networks, this independent command would strike quickly at tactically significant targets and others of opportunity as they presented themselves. A small strip had already been carved from the jungle using local manpower and was all but invisible from the air. It had been, and would continue to be, supplied by airdrops, transport flights and by small river vessels.
Accordingly these re-supply operations would have to be kept as small as possible so as to not draw enemy attention to this base.

As this field would be operating with a minimal crew and little support from the outside, the base would be indefensible should the Japanese ever discover it. Your experience & expertise, at not only surviving but actually operating successfully right under the enemy’s nose, made you the perfect man to head up this operation. In trying to balance effective operations against the supply issue as well as the need to keep the jungle strip hidden
from the enemy, it was decided that you would lead a force of just 4 Beaufighters, consisting of the flight you presently
commanded. You would have minimal support crews for each one, and a small contingent of ground staff including a medical officer and an adjutant. The man responsible for setting up the strip and running the native intelligence network in the area would meet you upon your arrival.

what are you waiting for?



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Re: Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2019, 09:14:36 PM »

very very good to have these back again ! enjoying them heaps.
Thanks Vamps & to Dubbo.
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Re: Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2019, 04:26:37 AM »

I remember Castaways, redownloading thanks.

I also remember an old campaign called "Snapwunoff" that was a hoot too.  :)


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Re: Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2019, 02:46:33 PM »

I just finished these two - they're great. Whatever happened to Dubbo? It's a shame there wasn't a third follow up. The writing is something else. :)


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Re: Oldies but Goldies - "Castaways" and "Bushpigs"
« Reply #4 on: October 09, 2019, 05:52:24 PM »

These missions are right up there with the best ever, positively brilliant! 
Very well thought out and made...talk about tense atmosphere, this set puts you right there!
Huge thanks to Dubbo as their creator and also a huge thanks to SAS~vampire_pilot for re-presenting them!

Cheers 'n Beers :)
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