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Author Topic: The last update done of the Edlor Hs-126 by Dreamk.  (Read 838 times)

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The last update done of the Edlor Hs-126 by Dreamk.
« on: August 26, 2019, 01:45:15 PM »

Hello guys, could some of you please give this a test in your installs for me please. ;)

This was posted some time ago in a private link for testing but never released on the forum:

Mediafire link:


Hs126A-1 by Edlor work in progress now has smoke pods and flares added as options.

Please remove all previous versions and entries for this mod and add it to your install as you would a new mod.  Names for the aircraft and the SSP are different.

New code: Mike Storebror.

Needs SAS Common Utils to be installed:


IL-2 4.09 Rebels need to have the "AircraftLH Stub Class Mod" installed.
If you don't have it yet, get it here:
AircraftLH "Stub" Class Mod for 4.09 Rebels only:
AircraftLH Stub Class Mod for 4.09m based games only

Hello guys, this update Dreamk sent me has been sitting on my hard drive and in a private link now for some time so here is a update for you to
test. ;)

The classes are unaltered from what Dreamk sent all I have done is replace the 3D in the folder 'Rack_EHVC500', with the rack
I made for the port side that locates under the wing strut there and alter the hooks to accept the load for it.

The Mod works in my 4.12 with ModAct 5.30, however, unless I place it at the upper end of my folder structure I
get a CTD at 100% when loading the QMB mission.

In a BAT install the mod needs to be loaded above the weapons options.

Only certain options show in a 4.10 install, not sure why as they all did previously and all the options seem to be
included in the arms folder.

I de-compiled the classes to see what the issue was but am unsure as to what Dreamk has done there as the types are now
missing all the previous load outs and only show certain ones, maybe another class adds the previous ones I do not know, beyond
my capabilities, sorry.

There was no read me from Dreamk so I cannot make any recommendations as to what your install might require but the air.ini
entries have not changed.

The previous version worked in three different installs, I cannot test 4.09 as I do not have one and 4.10 has the problems mentioned
so please be aware you test at your own risk.

Add the folder '!  Hs126  Edlor update from Dreamk' to your #DBW or #SAS folder, 4.09 I think uses the Mod folder.

1) add to your ini file
Hs126A_1            air.Hs126A_1                           NOINFO  g01   SUMMER
Hs126A_1_Spats      air.Hs126A_1_Spats                     NOINFO  g01   SUMMER
Hs126K_6            air.Hs126K_6                           NOINFO  g01   SUMMER

2) you can also add to the plane_ru.properties file the following line:
Hs126A_1                   Henschel Hs.126A-1, 1936
Hs126A_1_Spats             Henschel Hs.126A-1_Spats, 1936
Hs126K_6                   Henschel Hs126K_6, 1939

Skin folders:


Dreamk added the loadouts in cod files and as I have no access to the tools to alter these all technical questions will have to be directed to Dreamk.

Thank you very much to all who have contributed to this mod, your assistance is really appreciated.

Pete Shaw, aka Mission_bug, August 2019.


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Re: The last update done of the Edlor Hs-126 by Dreamk.
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 10:46:31 PM »

I just now found this plane Pete.....
It flys very well .... Everything works... Good load outs ......
I did find one thing you may want to look at .. That would be a the pilots gun.... Mine was shooting about  [guess here ]   6 inches low....
 Other than that ALL GOOD...... ;)  My install is 4.12.2 + 5.3

Good Job and Thank You


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Re: The last update done of the Edlor Hs-126 by Dreamk.
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2019, 01:02:54 PM »

Glad you like it <Gunny>. 8)

I did make a start on trying to sort out the damage model but that is part of a version still getting dusty on my hard drive. :(

As I explained, the java was written again by Dreamk to incorporate the smoke tanks and flares, I am unable to make any further changes to the code, so in this particular link I am sorry to report any bugs in that will remain unless Dreamk takes another look. 

The gun might be doable in the mesh, not sure, depends what the issue is caused by, however, unless I return to the damage model at some time things will remain as is unless it is picked up by someone else. ;)

I merely added my 3d part to this update.

Take care.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D


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Re: The last update done of the Edlor Hs-126 by Dreamk.
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2019, 07:51:57 AM »

I came back and did a little testing Pete... This plane is super FAST... The picture shows I'm doing 300MPH...
I get air sick at that speed...... ]dontknow[
It does not over speed on all maps... The worst that I have found is the Bessarabia in QMB ..Go figure ..

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