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Happy 10th Anniversary CirX and SAS!

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Happy 10th Anniversary CirX and SAS!

I'm not sure how BravoFxTrt got a registration date of 12-31-1969. (RIP BigFoot) The first "real" registration for the site was CirX on 7-15-2009.

David Prosser:
Yes, we all owe them a lot. I joined in September 2010.

Came for the mods, stayed for the people.  8)

Long live SAS and thanks to everyone who's donating and helping keep SAS alive. They're the real supporters and etc alongside those who keep SAS running (the mods and etc).

Especially those who moderate the request board; my sincere kudos to them lmao. :))

Congratulations SAS with a big nod to CirX ( Modfather - insert Nino Rota Godfather theme here  ).

We all know that SAS has been instrumental ( along with other modders ) to the longevity of this awesome old game.

Everyone salute each other.

Well done !


10 years of flying high. Many thanks to CirX who's always been classy throughout the years.

I joined July 17 2009 and didn't regret a day on here.
I am happy I can help to keep things flying for everyone.


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