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Author Topic: AT-11 'Kansan' - Avro York C.I. - Blackburn 'Botha' - Ba.88 'Lince' - DH.86 'Express' - Do-26C - Fiat G.18V - Northrop BT-1 - Potez 630 - Short Stirling  (Read 10628 times)

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Thank you very much to you Gabriel the IES team and others for the continuing upgrades to these wonderful aircraft, your work is really appreciated. 8)

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D


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Thank you!

This is a rare plane indeed - rare to hear it mentioned, let alone see it appearing in a flight sim.

Thanks again.



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Thank you Gentlemen.  I can't believe I've got the G.18V in my DBW1938-44...but I do.  Cheers and prost.

[edit]  ...and the DH.86, DBW1938-46, all the way through...  Wonderful and thanx again.
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The bombloads of the Potez family are somewhat wrong, but it's not because of the modders but due of the erroneous information that is found in web sources as well as in specialized publications - that repeat the same mistakes without checking for original plans and photos.

The Potez 633 was devised as a Bomber (B2) - not as a "vol rasant" attack bomber and it was equipped with an internal vertical type V bomb rack for 8x50kg or 32x10kg (8 packs of 4 10kg bombs) suspended vertically by their nose fuse (fusee d'ogive type type H Mle 1921) or by a special suspension device (Suspension a Anneau type No3)
The Potez 633 could also be equipped with a couple of horizontal GPU bomb racks, disposed inside the bomb bay, one on each side of the V bomb rack. All the Greek machines were such equipped,  and could carry the Greek bombs (which were license produced american M3x series) with most of the bomb protruding under the plane. there were no bomb bay doors. In at least one operational mission in May 1940, the French operated such a  machine with French 200kg bombs loaded on the GPU racks. The Swiss had the same device on their single 633 ("lance bombe jumele"). The Romanian may also have installed the GPU on each side of the central V bomb rack.
Here a photo of a Greek machine showing rather clearly the underside of the bomb bay - one can see the underside of the central V bomb rack

and a photo of a Greek machine with the Bombs loaded on the horizontal bomb racks

The use of the GPU racks did not totally prevent the simultaneous use of the V bomb rack, but demanded that the horizontal bombs be released before releasing the vertical bombs.

Now for the Potez 63-11, There were 2 small vertical bomb racks (lance-bombes type J 4x10) , inside the machine, on the right side of the pilot for a total of 8x10kg "bombes de jalonnement (itineraire ou objectif)" in accordance with their main missions: recco and pathfinder - they were supposed to lead the bombers formations. These bomb racks could be replaced by a fuel tank for long distance recco.
There was also a provision for 2 horizontal 2 Alkan K51 bomb racks under the central part of the wing,  each for a 50kg bomb or similar - paquetage Gardy for instance - (and no more than that) - They were very rarely installed in may-june 40
This bomb rack position was originally intended for a BE33 (BE = "Bombe eclairante") bomb rack for a flare bomb
The possibility of installing another Alkan K51 bomb rack (for a 50kg bomb) instead of an external wing gun was tested but apparently never formally adopted.

Potez 630 and 631:
Two BE33 bomb racks for flare bombs were installed in tandem under the centerline of the fuselage, between the cannons. (and not under the central section of the wings)

BTW - the rearward firing underfuselage guns, so characteristic of the Potez 63.11 are lacking in the mod
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