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Author Topic: B-25s evolution and corrections  (Read 310 times)

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B-25s evolution and corrections
« on: February 08, 2019, 08:57:12 AM »

Hi to all!!
 For anyone who enjoy flying B-25J and wants to make it look better. B-25J is a stock plane in the game, unfortunately that war bird have some issues that   if we manage to correct them... B-25J will fly more high!
 Some issues are:

 1.Mixture control,is useless,if in a flight,set mixture to 0% in both engines,nothing happens.In other aircrafts,engines shut down and say goodbye.

 2.Open/close canopy for more realistic moments in flight.If it's possible make both canopies(pilot and co-pilots)open/close together at the same time.

 3.Interior of cockpit,many times.When set navigation,landing,cockpit lights,magnetos and switches like them on/off nothing on the instrument panels moves or happening.Also,when you try to increase rudder,elevator or aileron trim and look down between your seat and co-pilot's,trims are not moving-turning.

 4.In the cockpit instruments panel there are two lights,indicators of bomb doors,bomb release signal(front of pilot).Never
on.So you dont know,if you have close or open bomb doors or your bombs released when you gave the order.

 5.In bombardier's position,there is on the left,the lever of bomb bay doors it is assumed that it moves when you open,or
close the doors,but not,also in the panel under the compass and airspeed is the bomb interval control,none light is never
on or off.

 6.In bombardier seat there is a gun(which is used by the pilot),tail and top gunner's cartridge bundles don't moving...
so you dont know how many ammunition you have.

 7.This is maybe the most difficult,when you operate the top gunner and turns your head down you see only your seat and
nothing else,if it's possible make it seems some details of the interior,as pilot's and co-pilot's
seats and instruments.

At last,i have to say thanks to all,who tried the same work on that plane.And all who have the same passion!



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Re: B-25s evolution and corrections
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2019, 09:53:24 AM »

Hi Captain Chris,

For all that to happen someone must have the will, time and the knowledge to get his hands dirty on this bird. Time is normally not a problem when we talk 'hobbies'. Will is not a problem when we are passionate about something (and it is normally limited by knowledge). Knowledge it is not a problem when there's experience (or there's time and will to learn). Add some external support and a bit of good luck to the mix.

There are many experienced and passionate modders here but none will work on something if will, time or knowledge are not present. Chances are none of the improvements listed will ever be realized but know what? There's hope! Discard all items from your list but one. Stick to the most important improvement you would like to have. Explain why it is important. Show pictures. Present the case. Perhaps one day you are given another piece of the puzzle. Perhaps you find the time, will and knowledge to fill that gap yourself. NG-HUD was born to 'fill the gaps'. Non working gauges, lights, levels... you name it. So much info missing in so many levels of this brilliant simulator. I didn't know anything back then and little I know today, but I got there.

Welcome to this community, see you around.
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Re: B-25s evolution and corrections
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2019, 05:41:01 AM »

 You are right.There are 7 issues,that many pilots as me want them to correct. Let's choose one which is the easiest and most important.
In the cockpit. When set  on/off navigation,landing,cockpit lights,magnetos...and switches like these,nothing on the instrument panels moves or happening and in my opinion this is bad because there is nothing realistic.Everyone wants to see their action...and see the reaction happening on the cockpit.
 I have found some images so we can use as protype to improve  the pedestal and the switch panel in front of pilot and the levers. In the pedestal lies the switches of feathers,magnetos,starters engines,landing lights and parking brakes(i think in the game is called chocks).Also in pilot switch panel thera are the cockpit and navigation lights.
 This is a hobby and in this community there are many pilots who would like to improve that plane and after that as it's said,this will be a step as a piece of puzzle for improvements in other planes.Ιt's not a task for one man but for more with the same dream and same disposal.Cooperation above everything. If anyone knows and can help, can sent me message.

 With regards
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