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I have data for real stars, but it is incomplete

I think I have the position calculation correct, needs checking though, but I don't have any colour information.

The data I have is of the form...

--- Code: ---       String[] star_data = new string[]
    "Cen Alpha1,3.837972,-1.061776,-0.01",
--- End code ---

So all I have is ...

--- Code: ---public class Star
        public String Name;
        public double RightAscension;
        public double Declination;
        public double Magnitude;


--- End code ---

What i need is colour.

Anyone available to help?

Could you work with just a spectral frequency?

If so, it's possible that the data found here would work:

I'm still hunting for a nice, convenient table for stellar frequencies for the stars visible to the naked eye from Earth.

It's an interesting find, but I don't see an easy way to go from that to a colour.

I suppose if I sampled the spectra in three bands and converted that to a colour it may be useful, but I am still missing a mapping from star -> spectra

Cheers for looking though

IIRC Celestia ( has colored stars.
Their data should come from publicly available sources.

Found the Yale Bright Star Catalog

The data is in a totally stupid format, but I have written a parser and it has all I need.

It has the magnitude, ascension and declination as well as a colour code which I have decoded.

There are some 9100 stars which is about right.


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