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Author Topic: How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?  (Read 208 times)

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How to Prevent Air Spawning with FMB ?
« on: August 30, 2018, 11:31:11 PM »


I am having trouble getting some missions to load runway starts, instead I get air spawns.

Usually, this is related to Static_Ships runways, which I will often use to flatten a custom
airfield I am creating on a map in the FMB, where no other nearby airfield exists, in a fictional
scenario I am creating.

My latest creation is on Makin Island - 1c Maddox map (Makin2) where there is an existing
runway which was spawning ground starts normally. I then added a very short extra runway
with "Objects" runways etc, then I used the Stationary ships-catapult trap object on each end
of the new, short runway, for catapult and hook landing practice.

That caused my mission to load with air starts :P

I also used Stationary Aircraft as spawn points.

The catapult traps are stationary ship carrier objects I presume, because you can add a Home
Base object to them, but I can never get them to ground spawn so far :P

My larger airfield close by was ground spawning, but it too started air spawning after the
catapult-traps were added to the other airfield.

Fiddling around with the Stationary-Plane spawn objects placement, home base radius tool,
Spawn parameters for home bases etc, and removing the home bases on the catapult traps,
I was able to get ground spawns working on my main base again, but it is really hit and miss
and I have no idea what causes air spawns vs ground spawns and how the FMB decides what
will happen with the spawn types, or what conflicts occur to cause air starts.

I would appreciate some help with this, it's been a time waster trying to figure it out
on my own all these years. I still don't have any real and clear understanding of how spawns
work and why I seem to have random results, when clearly, spawn behaviour is not random,
but has causes and complexities that affect it.

BTW, I am using FMB in BAT.
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