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Author Topic: A blast from the past... Interview with Jason Williams back in 2007  (Read 444 times)

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Hi guys,

Thought you might find it as interesting as I did.
Here's an Interview with Jason Williams, the guy behind 777 Studios and with it, BoS, back in 2007 when everything started:

Interesting read, also for the 1946 guys.

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Re: A blast from the past... Interview with Jason Williams back in 2007
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 03:58:33 AM »

Yep, besides many things it's interesting that the undisclosed new product was to be based on a certain Merlin engine, while ROF came out built around a certain Digital Nature engine. Or are they the same? Futhermore, I could not have fancied back then that the new title would address WWI instead of WWII or the post-war period. Anyway, all this venture of Jason seems to be a pretty long march to get back to the Devastator. Fingers crossed, despite my previous and present concerns  :)
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