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Author Topic: IL-2 Great Battles Skin Pack Version 3  (Read 8371 times)

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Re: IL-2 Great Battles Skin Pack Version 3
« Reply #36 on: July 26, 2019, 06:14:36 AM »

At first glance, the only possibility to cheat with custom skins that would come up in my mind was transparent skins.
But that would be an easy thing to solve: Just set a certain threshold value for the average alpha value, e.g. if a skin's average transparency is more than 20% then there's something wrong with it.

The opposite way (high-visibility skins) might be tempting for squad members to see "who is who", but in that case, synching the skins across the net would actually make things better.
Because the way it is right now, squads can use high-vis skins online (if the server is set to allow custom skins at all that is), but only the squad members themselves will benefit from this, for all others the planes just carry their (camouflage) default skin.

In that sense, custom skin network sync is an anti-cheat mechanism in itself.

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