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Author Topic: All National anthems Work in progress...Help Me  (Read 2225 times)

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Re: All National anthems Work in progress...Help Me
« Reply #12 on: January 22, 2018, 06:45:53 AM »

Hi SAS~Gerax, I apologize for the delay, because of heavy snowfall I had a problem with access to the Internet,
returning to the topic, I have to agree with what you wrote, although the slot is not so much a problem here:

the point is that after adding new countries their insignia are not visible in the game, maybe they require some Java code ?,

but if we put them in Generic Red files , Generic Blue they work.


maybe we should move the discussions here:

Best regards,


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Re: All National anthems Work in progress...Help Me
« Reply #13 on: January 23, 2018, 02:39:07 AM »

Piotrek1, yes, of course its possible to do a "slot".
When I said "good luck" with it than I did this for another reason:
imho its not enough to just have a icon, emblem. etc.
And so for the work to find out more info: I wish good luck
as it seems hard to find good info on the net in some cases.  ;)

I found not only one photography showing a Heimwehr plane.
All we have is this pic I found and linked. So we do not know:
What kind of emblems did they have on the wings. Were there any?
Whats about the numbering? Were there any other planes apart from
what I mentioned above? Where were their homebases? Who exactly
operated them? Whats about the ranks in this Flying corps?
Do we know any pilots? And so on...
There is a lot of research to do and I fear its not possible without
buying books (when there are some available at all). Contact some
historians here in Austria. Etc.

So when someone wants to make a campaign with all whistles and bells,
means: emblems/icons, hymn, ranks, flag and put all this in a new
campaign folder slot (blue? red?), then there really is a lot of work to do.   
and for this I wish him/her good luck. I am not so much interested in this.

When I did the search for this Heimwehr Corps I came across other
missing forgotten countries and in this case: a forgotten airwar!

The "Carinthian Air War" as part of the "Carinthian Border War" 1918/1919...
Just a few pics links:


But to find more detailed info is as hard as with "Heimwehr FC".  :-X
I did a search using german language only, but there should be some
search in slovenian, crotiatia, serbs language too.

So I found infos about the border war, but nothing essential about the air war ..
were there any dog fights, ground attacks, losses or was there reconn only?
Number of planes involved? Wich planes exactly? 
etc etc ... I found nothing ..  :-X

So when a mission maker wants to tackle this and maybe wants to make this
a complete pack with campaign folders with flags, hymns, ranks, insignias etc .. 
good luck with finding out all about this war.



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Re: All National anthems Work in progress...Help Me
« Reply #14 on: January 23, 2018, 03:51:05 AM »

Hi SAS~Gerax,  You are absolutely right in what you wrote here, we would need some more knowledge about it,  :-X
when it comes to posted links, it looks very interesting 8), I hope that these two countries will someday be represented in "Forgotten Countries",
Thank you for your commitment and searching .
Best regards,


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Re: All National anthems Work in progress...Help Me
« Reply #15 on: January 30, 2018, 01:49:19 PM »

Gentlemen here is a patch that replaces the AT file in the menu "AT stands for Austria", while the part of Austria Blue still does not want to know to let me listen to the other kind of anthem
Austrian, which I would add "beautiful". For every event in the rar file there is a folder called "Back-up" inside which the old AT-AQ audio files are located.
Having said that it is only right to thank Gerax for the tips he gave me about the Austrian national anthem.
While at the same time I am also delighted to complete all the backgrounds of the nations so far present in Il2Sturmovik1946, including the forgotten countries ... I attach links from which you can download the flags in TGA backgrond format. Each folder contains other flags that can be replaced, always remember to make a copy of the one you want to replace so as to avoid loss in the future, even if already in the package is always included in each folder a backup copy named "Flag background" .
This is the last post I write from this car that has accompanied me for about 12 years in the air battles in Il2, now I will retire ... a new machine is ready to roam the virtual skies of the world, Have fun all ;)

Patch Menu

Backgraund Nations

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