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Author Topic: B.A.T. V3.3 PATHFINDER  (Read 33138 times)

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« on: December 09, 2017, 05:42:12 PM »

Pathfinders are specialists inserted or dropped into place, ahead of the main force, in order to set up drop zones and landing sites for airborne operations.  The term also refers to the target-marking squadrons of RAF Bomber Command.  They located and marked targets with flares, which a main bomber force could aim at, increasing the accuracy of their bombing.



Is everything fixed now?
Yes!  Thanks to a much broader flight and functions test for all of B.A.T.

Why did anything break in the first place?
Because small classfile changes have big effects across such a lot of content.  Some un-anticipated effects were initially missed.

Do I need to do all the other Expansions to this point?
Yes, because they add the SFS content.

I'm only interested in one part, or era, of B.A.T. can I just have that?
You can play only one bit, but it all comes together.

Do I need the Service Pack or any fixes?
Not any more, just do the Expansions in sequence to arrive here.


What is the full B.A.T. Install Sequence to this point?
STEP-1-Il2 4:12m - Install Il2 patched to 4:12m
STEP-2-B.A.T. Install - Basic Install of B.A.T. Addon
STEP-3-Checkpoint Charlie - First Expansion Set
STEP-4-Operation Sealion - Second Expansion Set
STEP-5-Angels High - Third Expansion Set
STEP-6-Pathfinder  - Fourth Expansion Set

Even if you have installed Angels High + Service Packs and other stuff - As long as you got as far as Angels High, you can install Pathfinder and it will tidy up everything else automatically.


There are now far fewer JSGME Options required for those instances where slots are shared or particular code needs to be loaded or overwritten.  They are still important switches to understand and crucial to allowing the full variety of B.A.T. content.  But, if it is not listed here, you do not need it.  Please delete obsolete options by right-clicking at the JSGME interface.

Full JSGME List:
Code: [Select]
#BAT Alternative Default Skins

#BAT_00-FOV Mod


#JTW_COCKPIT Reset F-80s


#WAW_ALT-D1A as He50



SASEngineMOD 2.8.0
Fitted as standard for all modules and tested for Naval Ops, VTOL and a wide variety of other functions.  The only modification is our expanded Catapults.INI.  If you mess with CATS or SASEngineMOD bear in mind that important file.

Engine Smoke and Flames Options:
As you can see, these are available to load, through JSGME, for the TGA and WAW modules.  Remember, most aircraft, modded or not, will have these effects in place with or without the option enabled.  Enabling the option simply modifies more hooks and increases the variety of aircraft mods that display the effect.

Why is it an option as well then?
Because not all mods have the appropriate hooks to display the effect properly.  Its only a few odd birds, where the exhaust position has been moved, so you can leave out the extra effect in those cases.

I generally leave this option alone because most aircraft still display the Smoke and Flames effect with or without it.

...iL2/Users...Settings.ini - This file records your keypad settings from the "Controls" Menu.  If you have spent ages setting it up, like most of us have, make a back up.  Sometimes mesiing with SASEngineMOD can reset these values.  Best cure? - Don't mess with SASEngineMOD and backup your control settings.

At this stage we recommend you DO NOT install SASEngineMOD 2.8.1 as it breaks the Bomb Function!  I would actually recommend you leave it alone all together and let the B.A.T. Testers work through all the pain!


B.A.T. is not a modpack - its a complete 'Overhaul'.  Sometimes one thing overwrites another that was previously fixed and we all get cross.  We have gone back over the whole build with a fine tooth comb and fixed it all.  Most notably:

Bf109 Family - Based on Anto's work with a number of added 3d fixes and enhanced cockpits.  A family of aircraft like this contains many individual members who are also closely related!  Therefore, don't go adding 109 'enhancements' without expecting more widespread effects.  These are all tested, from sound, cockpit, loadouts and performance.  These are as good as we have ever got the 109's.

FW190 Family - based on Claymore's originals with a huge amount of material developed exclusively within B.A.T.  There is no outside comparison.  These are the finest FW190's anywhere and they all work perfectly.

Dauntless SBD Family - Back in action, loadouts fixed with CODs from Service Pack One. PA_Jeronimo improved wheels re-instated.

P-38 Cockpits - All fixed, with meshes enhanced by PA_Jeronimo.

Ki44-Hei - Fitted with historic Reflector Gunsight + PA_Jeronimo Wheels, Prop and Cowling.

Liberators - All working acceptably with a good JSGME option to accommodate the different models.

Sounds - All based on Victor's Sound Mod (VSM) hard coded to SFS format.  Some fixes are now De-Compressed because sound files sometimes work better that way.

Vehicles and Objects - There is much FMB variation across the eras, yet all maps load and save in any situation and no objects are out of place.

Stationary Aircraft - All checked out, some needless repetition has been cleaned up for FMB.  Mission Builders Note:  It is not always possible to provide a static counterpart for every aircraft.  This practice previously contributed to over-logging errors.  Instead, please try to use the nearest similar stand-in.
Ships - Not only are all ships moving properly, many of the battleships have new weapon mods, artillery and missile defences.  The Carriers have a full Steam Cat capability which is editable for each individual ship and era.

Weapons Packs - Nothing is missing from B.A.T.  This environment was constructed directly with the close co-operation of the SAS modders and compilers.

Classfile Repack
Classfile Folders restructured for greater clarity and compatibility.  The 4 B.A.T. #MOD Folders are extremely tidy and contain no overlapping classfiles, conflicts or duplication.

Improved Marker Flares SAS~Storebror
Check out this explanation for the improved flare object.  It is now historically accurate and more functional.  Later editions of the BAT Manual will go into this further with regard to placement and use by FMB Mission Builders.  You can see it in operation right away in most of my Battle of Britain missions...


Service Packs by SAS~Storebror
All of the enhancements and fixes to the deep code of B.A.T. are now included with the Pathfinder Expansion. 

Let's not forget why we got into the detailed Excessive Logfile Fixes in the first place.  Stellar performance for B.A.T. is now the order of the day!  The frame-rate is now so silky smooth this incarnation of B.A.T. is like a whole new sim.  In fact, such are the performance gains made that we have re-instated some small effect SFS files that were previously left out.  Those beautiful big skies by Mansh, the excellent FX ammo smoke effect, wolfighter's gore and Guncam Tracers by santobr are located inside BAT00 - for no performance hit!

Added to all Modules:
Flags by vampire_pilot version 1.0
These are great new objects for FMB, added alongside other flags and listed inside Static_list_FMB.txt for easy reference.

Hengyang repopulated map with permission from CzechTexan.  The FPS frame rate has been increased considerably.  This was done by decreasing the number of objects in the major cities only.

Henyang Map by CzechTexan
Repopulated by Sgt Rock
For the purists we have retained the original and added the option Hengyang LITE inside the FMB Mission Builder...

Existing campaigns may be easily changed to use the LITE version, or not, your choice.

Static_list_FMB.txt is inside each #MOD Folder:  This lists all FMB Objects by number, making them easier to find in FMB.  Do please take a look through it and memorise all the objects!

Please be aware that hand-editing the Static.INI is hazardous!  Things don't always display right when you move them around, so be careful, back it up, or leave it alone!



B.A.T. Service Packs, by SAS~Storebror, fully integrated into Module.

Many fixes and upgrades result in Dawn of Flight taking some huge steps forward.  This is an epic upgrade for our WWI universe.  You really have to try some of the many, absolutely unique, campaigns made for Dawn of Flight.  Unique?  Yes!  This is no exaggeration.  Dawn of Flight is 412.  Nothing else like it works in 412 and 413 sure doesn't offer it either!

Aside from my own inexhaustable enthusiasm and hard work,  :P I would also like to especially thank Vampire_Pilot, SAS~Storebror and Spongebob for their dedicated efforts and energy on Dawn of Flight.  In particular a great deal has been done to bring forward vital 412+ functions, such as the bombing behaviour for AI, and upgrade these for the older, pre-412, WWI mods! 

WWI - Awards by SpongeBob
DE and HU awards by vampire_pilot
no_concrete runway Mod
Great work on the Era Specific Awards and when you start a campaign, or browse through the new campaign menus, you will see many new background screens unique to DOF.

WWI - RAF BE2C Updated by Kant
Numerous upgrades see this fine type vastly improved.

3d by GIO
corrections and modifications 3d Bison_M  and Kant
Default skin by MURDOC
new slot by SAS~Anto
Slot and stationary by Kant
FM by Kant
Cockpit repaint by VPmedia and Kant
Weapons by DreamK and cargo SAS~Skipper

RAF RE-8 re-work - Mission_bug
Damage modelling added with 3Do upgrades and excellent comprehensive loadout package working perfectly.

WWI - Fokker DVII FM Fix from DBW 1916 update v4
Fixes the DVII's to eliminate the shake rattle and roll.  Finally the best German aircraft of the war is a real joy to fly!  Thanks to vonOben and Vampire_Pilot for pointing the way to this critical fix.  Its a compromise and was sort of there in plain sight really!

Now I invite you to try my campaigns for this aircraft: KAISERSCHLACHT and LUFTFRIEDENSTURM.

Sounds from Victor's Sound Mod (VSM) - This provides a beautifully rich sound-scape for the DOF Module, just perfect!

With the continuing development of aircraft, weapons and objects for Dawn of Flight, these initiatives have brought the entire module forward.

When I say we have 'fixed' things what I really mean is we have taken many mods that began life in 410, many of which are not generally available anymore, with their origins shrouded in the fog of time.  We have embraced so many of the advanced features offered at the 412 level while seeing so many other items broken by the same code!  Weapons, flight models, damage modelling, cockpits, 3Do, effects, AI Behaviour.  It has taken years to get it this far and Dawn of Flight really does feel complete at this stage.

With Pathfinder installed we definately recommend revisiting the many WWI campaigns released for DoF.  There is nothing else out there that comes close!


B.A.T. Service Packs, by SAS~Storebror, fully integrated into Module.

The Golden Age is also running Victor's Sound Mod, hard-coded,  and incorporates the new Static.INI changes, common map files and new unique background screens.

A number of specific sound and flight model tweaks complete the picture here and everyone is sure to remember the massive Spanish region map upgrades that were introduced recently.
My Spanish Civil War project is ready for the next stage, having mapped out a total of 48 campaigns for the 4 year period.

HS126 by SAS~Epervier + New Damage Model by Edlor
This aircraft type is upgraded for The Golden Age and World at War.

There is a lot more scope for mission building in this 'inter-war' period.  Poltava, in particular, has looked at many of the colonial wars and early imperial expansion, such as by Japan.  I really think of 'The Golden Age' as Poltava's Universe.

It is our goal to see all of these scenarios integrated into 'The Golden Age', where they may be illustrated to maximum effect, because we have all the right aircraft and gear in place there.  Can't wait to get back there!


B.A.T. Service Packs, by SAS~Storebror, fully integrated into Module.

A brace of wonderful heavies also enter our WWII universe, making it the most complete ever!

Martin Mariner V2 SAS~Epervier
Now skin-able and generally improved.  Three variants now available.

- Added bomb bay doors behind the engines (by IES Team)
- fix proprot 4 blades (by CWatson)
- version skinable (by Edlor)
- fix movement ailerons & elevators
- New plane added : PBM-3/3C/5 (by IES Team)

- Alphasim/Virtavia (http://www.virtavia.com) - Original 3D
- Namtar - Importing of 3D
- Ydynafyah - Original flyable slot and class work
- CWatson - Revised class work (special adaptation for 410/412/413)
- SAS~Epervier - Revised class work
- Edlor - new mapping (now PBM are skinable)
- IES Team - add shadows Plane and fix all mesh
- Bombsaway - Testing
- Gumpy - Testing

Updated with working Bubble Sight and Radar Station (where appropriate).  Now just in need of some good skins.  Updated for World at War and The Jet Age.

Handley Page Hampden Mk.I v1.3a/b SAS~Epervier
Absolute magic! Really pleased to see this aircraft completed and released in this form at last!  The 3Do model is very good and it flys well too.  From the POV of the Player/Pilot; you have a good cockpit and a fixed forward firing gun.  The Bomb Doors open automatically with each pickle.  The Gunners are self contained AI controlled, they come alive in the presence of enemy aircraft and there is no turret switching required.  There is no 412-fix bombsight as yet, its easy enough to assign AI targets and the player can dive bomb or lob pretty easily with a little practice.  There is also an FMB stationary provided.

- Alphasim/Virtavia (http://www.virtavia.com) - Original 3D
- Namtar - Importing of 3D
- CWatson - cockpit and class work
- IES Team - new code - add shadows Plane and fix all mesh...
- Edlor - version skinable + Template!   
- special thanks to the Imperialist testers : Gaston & Hubberranz !
- special thanks to the Rebel tester : Mick !

YB-40 Escort Fortress SAS~Bombsaway
Another fantastic heavy from a very interesting working group!  The heavy escort fighter could be a rude surprise for the enemy...

Barnesy -All new 3D work
Bombsaway -Request, Testing, classfiles, adjustments
SAS~Storebror- Classfiles, toughness adjustments and more.
Epervier -Revised classes, turret code fix, external flight model
Gumpy -Testing
CWatson -Slot,classfiles, adjustments and more.

He-111H-20 by Karabas-Barabas
An excellent individual mod representing another of the prolific He111 family.

- all code/3D/etc... : Karabas-Barabas
- conversion DIY 409 : SAS~Epervier
- thank you to Mick for tests !

A-26B Loadouts expanded - There is no stationary model for the A-26B in WAW, even though there is in JTW!  Diorama builders still have plenty of material to work with though.  Presently we try to tie in stationary models to specific aircraft mods.  Stationary mods that use the same 3do have been implicated in excessive log errors and an overall performance hit.  We are more cautious these days.

Avro Lancaster BIII Special 'Upkeep' Bouncing Bomb by dr strangelove
The Dambuster Lancaster, known as Project Upkeep, should please collectors and pilots alike!  I test flew the strike phase in B.A.T. and loved it.  However, a full campaign and mission series is the only way to really satisfy...

Lancaster B.III Special conversion build by Dr Strangelove
Pilot & crew by Barnesy
New Landing gear by Strangelove
FreeIL2Modding Team
Gumpy - New skins + HD Skins
Seafirelover, Ice eagle - Help & Testing
Seafirelover , reference material , reserch.
Dr Strangelove - new 3d , new class files, penny bomb-sight, fm & em changes

Congratulations to Dr Strangelove and his team on a superb mod for Il2.  Please visit the link to thank them personally and read the full excellent post.  Original Readme included with Pathfinder.


- 1C for original Model & code
- Ranwers for main mod
- Tarakan67 for Bombing sight fix
- Checkyersix (3D concept)
- Tf101 for new 3D model
- Sani (class file editions,FM)
- Messer (mesh of the steer wheel)
- CirX (classes)
- Birdman - patch 3.1
- MrJolly for 4000lbs mesh
- Jones for 12000lbs Tallboy
- PA_Jeronimo for gear fix
- SAS~Anto for fix collation and v3.2 repack
- Dr Strangelove - Fixes & changes to MKIII

Many thanks to Dr Strangelove for a really good experience co-operating and actively assisting with the integration of his mod to B.A.T.  Its always good to remind ourselves that we all have so much in common in this community and that new friends are so welcome!

Other recent examples of good inter-site co-operation have come from SAS~Bombsaway working with CWatson.  They are old friends whose friendly approach is another excellent example of what can be done.  I would also like to thank SAS~Bombsaway and CWatson, whose fingerprints are all over B.A.T.

Default SKINMOD by VPMedia
Our resident texture guru created the definitive default texture sets years ago and has constantly updated this resource to the latest incredible standard.  The beauty of these textures is that they present good default liveries and are economically packaged to improve performance.  Imported from the VPMedia MODPACK and compressed to SFS format.


B.A.T. Service Packs, by SAS~Storebror, fully integrated into Module.

Iran and Iraq 1980s awards by vampire Pilot
Always_concrete runway mod

base game campaign folder and base game awards
ID - India (by vampire_pilot)
IR - Iran  (by Cracken)
IK - Iraq (by vampire_pilot)
PK - Pakistan (by vampire_pilot)

B.A.T. - The Jet Age was already the most comprehensive jet sim ever compiled.  However, there are many new developments under way and a few previous projects to 'settle down'.  This update brings it all forward.

U10B Helio Courier by Edlor
Added as a JSGME Option.

Z_Ms502_all_Variants  Moraine Saulnier Criquet - SAS~Skipper, SAS~Gerax
The beautiful licence copy of the Fieseler Storch used especially by the French over Indochina.

Hunter_Default_summer by Vampire_Pilot
Improved default skin based on Highlander's Template

0plane Su-25 SD Mod new default skin by Vampire_Pilot

Jet Age Upgrades by 4S_Vega and SAS~Storebror
FM, 3Do and Loadout Updates: F5, F9F, F16, F80, F84, F102, F104, Hunter, Meteor and Vampires (+Edlor's Updates).

F-84F - Thunderstreak
This superb 3D update addresses all issues to date.  Weapon and cockpit fixes move this aircraft out of 'Franken' status and into the ranks of the greatest Il2 mods!  All the loadouts are fixed and the 3Do is tight!  This does mean that all new skins will now be required for the different mapping.  Our template makers are on the case.

Mirage_V1.0_20170930 Update by 4S_Vega
Great to see the Mirage fully animated with improved 3Do and skins.  The cockpit is very good as well.

MiG-19_Pack_V1.0_20171020 Update by 4S_Vega
Another Cold War family favourite is comprehensively upgraded.  Love the MiG-19 and the many variants.  This is an often overlooked Cold War fighter, sandwiched between the fearsome MiG-17 and sleek MiG-21.

Mig-21 V4.0 4S_Vega
The latest ambitous MiG-21 Upgrade introduces several new variants including the tandem trainers.

Vought packs: A-7 Corsair II by Ranwers
More 'Nam-ready Superbirds roll out of Ranwers' and Vega's hangar and into our virtual skies.  These previous franken mods get upgraded with very nice new 3Do, loadout and functions.

A6 Intruder fully tweaked and understood
Yes folks, the IR DOES WORK.  Best of all is the simulation of TV guided missiles like the Walleye for bridge busting and pinpoint attacks.  For example, firing an AGM12C, with laser guidance locked (Shift-7 for me, MISC Key 7 if you haven't mapped it yet).  Once locked the missile guides to the target, in this case hitting the bridge, no mean feat and proof for me that the systems are working.

...or you can use the D.I.A.N.E./CCIP to lay the dumb bombs exactly on target...

Tu-95 Bear v2 upd. 13.06.16 - Ranwers

Tupolev Tu-142 - NATO reporting name: Bear F - Bison_M

Both Bears, the regular beast and the maritime version, are comprehesively upgraded by Ranwers and Bison_M.

Vampire Pack Edlor
Our previous Vampire Cockpit Upgrades are now added permanently without conflicting with other resources.  On top of this Edlor's new 3Do presents the perfect Vampires for B.A.T.

Aermacchi MB-326 Family, Impala
Another family set has advanced quickly through the co-operation of several modders at SAS.  To watch this kind of thing grow from the germ of an idea is really wonderful.  Currently the models look good and fly well.  Avionics are basic, the aircraft is a light trainer and also a COIN.  Its a no frills Jet-Jabo that lobs its payload much like its WWII equivalents as well as being a very immersive Trainer.  There is also a single seat variant.


From the Official Manual to the major expansion guides and extended functions the BATBOOKS should be an indespensible part of your B.A.T. experience!

BAT01-Official Manual
Install the entire B.A.T. + Expansions in six easy steps.  If you can read as far as the first 14 pages - you will have everything you need to know about installing B.A.T.

BAT02-Checkpoint Charlie
Details and credits for the first set of massive expansion content for B.A.T.  Previously delivered as 12 seperate packs, now they are all in one for this special set.

BAT03-Operation Sealion
The Battle of Britain Special set.  With Campaign Builder notes for Full Mission Builder (FMB).  This B.A.T. Suppliment provides tons of background information for you to enjoy the missions provided and understand the tools needed to create your own.

BAT04-Dawn of Flight
The B.A.T. Full Mission Builder is opened up and explained in detail with regard to creating your own mission sets alongside a wealth of detail for 50 campaigns provided by SAS~Monty27.

BAT05-Spanish Civil War
Again the B.A.T. Full Mission Builder is closely examined with many features clearly explained.  Now anyone can create their own mission sets alongside the 48 campaigns provided by SAS~Monty27.  The campaigns have not all been released just yet, they will be very soon though.

BAT06-Modern Warfare
B.A.T. - The Jet Age is now the most complete environment for Il2 Jet Age Mods.  From Helicopters to VTOL and Modern Carrier Ops: This manual explains how to apply and operate the many new features.

These all come with PATHFINDER, look inside ...Il2/BATDOCS.


Here we go then with B.A.T. - PATHFINDER!  If you have installed everything up to and including ANGELS HIGH, prepare to be amazed!



Download all 5 parts + BAT Pathfinder EXE
Put all of the parts + the EXE into a separate folder
Run the EXE

Remember to disable all JSGME Options first and completely delete all four of your old #MOD Folders.  Then UnZIP direct to your Main Il2FB B.A.T. directory.








...and here's the Torrent:


Bonus Campaign

I have well over a hundred detailed Vietnam missions written in B.A.T.  Air Superiority, Wild Weasel, CAS, FAC, you name it.  They will be released, when they are all ready, as the "Tour of Duty - Vietnam" set.  As a bonus for Pathfinder users, here is a little taster...




RDDR Hangar19

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« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2017, 05:56:02 PM »

   Just to let everyone know that both Emel and I are working on  making changes to the original Lancaster template
   and are remapping the template to a Upkeep version. We will have it soon.
   Dr Strangelove tells us there more upgrades in the pipeline.
   Hope everyone enjoys Pathfinder.


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« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2017, 06:24:04 PM »

Thanks for your tireless efforts Chris.  Special thanks as well to Vampire_Pilot and SAS~Storebror - we have all been working on this package for many weeks now and I lost count of how many test uploads, tweaks and repacks...  :P

Peter Lynn

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« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2017, 07:08:10 PM »

Thank you all for yet another titanic effort! :)


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« Reply #4 on: December 09, 2017, 07:55:29 PM »

Thank you!!!


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« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2017, 08:35:19 PM »

Many thanks to the whole BAT team for an outstanding job!!!


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« Reply #6 on: December 09, 2017, 11:07:50 PM »

My sincerest thanks to all involved for the continued work on this huge collaborative effort.


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« Reply #7 on: December 10, 2017, 12:26:15 AM »

Awesome !
Many thanks to all who made this splendid job. :) :) :)


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« Reply #8 on: December 10, 2017, 01:06:56 AM »

Cheers Simon, Chris and eMeL for this splendid new expansion pack and special regards to vampire_pilot for his indefatigable support.
This was a tough pack to get together.
Up and until Angels High we've all been ready to marry each other, now we even hate ourselves :P
Now that the children (Pathfinder) moved out, it's time for a marriage counselling 8)

You've got no one to follow, and no one will follow you. Ain't that a relief?


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« Reply #9 on: December 10, 2017, 01:22:16 AM »

G'day Simon and co., thanks you all for the for the hard work you guys have put into BAT - this game just keeps gets better. Unrecognisable from the game I first purchased 16 years ago!!!

Quick report, all parts downloaded without any issue except BAT 03, which as has failed to download twice so far. Any issues you are aware off?  Meanwhile, I'll try a third time.


EDIT: Well, third time lucky  :) No idea why, but I'll take it! 

Flying H

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« Reply #10 on: December 10, 2017, 03:19:19 AM »

This is close to unbelievable! And all for free! What a great bunch of people that got together to let this amazing sim continue to live! From the depth of my heart THANK YOU ALL!
And you can fly, high as a kite, if you want to.........


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« Reply #11 on: December 10, 2017, 03:38:39 AM »

Unbelievable largess! Many thanks to all concerned. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
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