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Author Topic: Me-110 C6 Attack footage on various aircraft - Beta testing v4.49  (Read 646 times)

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(Apologies about the typos in the initial text of the video...but as the original is 13Gb in size...I wasn't going to re-render and upload again! Sorry)

Footage captured from the point of view of the Me110-C6 using the Mauser 30x184 Hochbrisanzgranate loadout on various Allied Aircraft.

The Allied Aircraft were set to 'Friendly' so that they wouldn't evade the gunfire. Also the gunsight texture of the 110 has been changed since this footage was created so no more flecks of light.
The C6 was set to invulnerable so that it wasn't shot down by the rear gunners, who even though set to friendly, don't like being fired on by friendly aircraft.

Please note also....I'm a terrible shot so listen to the gun sound to hear when I missed hitting the target.

Final point. The Damage Model of the Wellington has been changed since this video was created.



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Re: Me-110 C6 Attack footage on various aircraft - Beta testing v4.49
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2017, 12:09:02 AM »

AFAIK the 110C-6 was supposed to be used for ground attacks against tanks.
In that case the gun would be loaded with light armor-piercing tungsten carbide-cored rounds, which would also explain why the damage caused by the rounds in your video is rather small compared to what one would expect from such a gun, judging it's power compared e.g. to the later MK 108, which could easily bring down any single engine plane with a single hit.
Vice versa, if the MK 101 was used in the air-to-air role, the ammunition would be armor-piercing, high-explosive tracer ammunition, with similar effects to the MK 108 rounds, but much higher kinetic energy, so I would expect that a single hit on all planes on the video would have been enough, two should be sufficient any time at any angle, regardless where you hit them.

Best regards - Mike
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