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dynamic weather - looking for help


Probably another [user error] issue.

I can get the C&C StormFront to work and now I want to make the dynamic weather work.
I'm looking for the weather to switch between raining and not raining to simulate a series of squalls.

This is what I have:
  MAP mrz_Centmed/GW_centmed_load.ini
  TIME 8.916667
  CloudType 4
  CloudHeight 1800.0
  army 2
  playerNum 0
  Year 1942
  Month 4
  Day 25
  WindDirection 85.0
  WindSpeed 1.0
  Gust 8
  Turbulence 0
BestClouds 4
WorstClouds 7
DWInterval 10

For me, it doesn't matter how long I wait. The clouds/weather do not change.

Any suggestions?

I suggest to increase interval. In my earlier experience (CUP in 2016), 20 min was OK. Anything less - not sure.


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