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Vietnam Era Campaigns Missing


Hello to everyone!

Winter is coming and I am trying to put my IL-2 install up to date and installed B.A.T. up to the latest patch "B.A.T. V3.1 OPERATION SEALION"

So the question is next:
In book called "BAT06 Modern Warfare" I am reading a text about scripted campaigns with quite and impressive list but the only thing that I found in my Single Mission folder under "UM" folder were a set of missions with a title "1968_KHE_SANH"

So my question is next: Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Hello BT-wasted,

in my install there is only the set of mission called "1968_KHE_SAHN", too.
If you look carefully at the BAT06 DOC, you will see that in the list of campaigns/missions for Vietnam, only "The Siege of Khe Sahn" tells you that this set is located in folder UM > 1968_KHE_SHAN.
For the other campaigns/missions we have only a title, but not a description or folder route. I understand they are campaigns/missions in development, but they are not released yet.

After the releasing of Operation Sea Lion, Monty said that there will be a future release focused on JTW. Probably some of these campaigns will be included in the future expansion.

By the way, I am now flying the missions included in Project85, in the RU folder. They are training mission for soviet naval MiG-15 in the late fifties, and I am enjoying them very much. There are two marvelous manuals in BATDOCS for those missions, too. I recommend you these missions while you wait for the Vietnam sets.

Big thanks for your answer! I've just read all the documentation about Project 85 and will try it ASAP



Will be looking forward for this..Served there


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