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Author Topic: BoK Premium Edition adds the Spitfire to the line up.  (Read 1974 times)

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Re: BoK Premium Edition adds the Spitfire to the line up.
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2017, 11:32:34 AM »

Hello MIke, the development team at 1C/777 is reported to be 24 to 30, some of those are out workers but how many is not clear so that is quite a large amount of people to support especially at your $50M figure.  Something was said in the forums once about the fact it was cheaper to develop the game in Russia because of a different standard of pay there compared to the USA where Jason lives, how true that is I do not know.

I have often wondered about the financial aspect of the pre-order system and its viability in respect to generating cash but as you point out those buying in become a dedicated group with a vested interest in seeing the game progress and promoting it, besides which the development team is always updating the members with game progress so it is never really far away from the public eye unlike other games that see no news for years and whose progress is a long drawn out process.

The constant sales and the two campaigns will hopefully bring in a regular stream of cash even if not in substantial amounts to allow each particular phase to be concluded, seems a bit of a roller coaster ride though to me, must be difficult to manage that kind of game funding although I would think that 1C themselves do provide some input in the personnel and in finance to begin each new project if they feel it is viable.

Thankfully so far the Spitfire has not brought any bad publicity, for such a iconic aircraft to do so could have hurt further progress, even the dedicated Luftwaffe fans are impressed judging from reports on the forum. :o

The skins are also coming in thick and fast I feel:

How soon before the available maps resound to the chatter of guns as the 109 and Spitfire re-enact the Battle of Britain and other such moments in aviation history.

Really looking forward to seeing the remaining aircraft in game later in the year along with the new map, the question then is will it have been successful enough to move to the next theatre and will Jason and others have their dreams come true of a Pacific battleground in the high fidelity of the modern game.

Not myself a Pacific fan but I will stay aboard just to see how it develops, should be really something if they pull it off, all being well the BoS/BoM/Bok franchise and the new lease of life given to CLoD this particular genre should prove to be a very interesting going forward.

Wishing you all the very best, Pete. ;D
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