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Author Topic: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" - i need map  (Read 486 times)

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"Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" - i need map
« on: June 05, 2017, 02:01:22 AM »

Now i work on Solomon islands campaign, one of last stages of it, Bougainville campaign. We have excellent stock map "Solomon islands - January 1944". There is Torokina, Pive and Uncle airfields on this map. Aircrafts from US 13th Air Force, based here, made significant efforts to neutralise Rabaul in january-july 1944. Unfortunately, we don't have Rabaul on this map. But we have another stock map "New Guinea - New Britain - January 1944", with Rabaul, this most important japanese fortress in south-west Pacific.

It is possible, to made merged version of "Solomon islands - January 1944" and "New Guinea - New Britain - January 1944" maps? If someone do this for me, i can resume 13th AF Solomon islands campaign for 1944, same as japanese land based fighter and bomber campaigns. No one on aviaskins can help me, so my last hope is someone on SAS to do that)) I know, there is many skilled map builders :)

I don't need to merged FULL versions of both maps. On "New Guinea - New Britain - January 1944" whole New Guinea can be deleted, i don't need it. Also, on "Solomon islands - January 1944" Guadalkanal-Malaita area can be deleted too. Both maps are stock in 4.13, so, they use stock set of objects. We don't need to merged any parts of the land in this case. All merged parts of map is in ocean. South-west and north-east corners of map is empty, they just filled with water.

To make things clear, on screenshot is my vision of merged map, 4 possible versions, any of them will be useful for campaign:

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