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Author Topic: Missing aircraft (again)  (Read 477 times)

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ol' Navy

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Missing aircraft (again)
« on: April 12, 2017, 09:51:32 AM »

At the risk of making you smart guys lose your patience with me, I will query y'all anyhow.  Just lately, I asked about some missing aircraft in one of Monty's "old" campaigns, BoB to be specific, and some of the earlier Spitfires.  Monty responded  graciously, like he always has.  But I know he has a bunch of other stuff going on, and so I just didn't want to burden him again.  To try and solve my missing a/c issue, I have now reinstalled BAT completely, two times.  Same result.  I have been very careful to do the reinstalls "exactly" as directed.  I even write down the readme from each zip so I don't miss anything.  I delete or put the little minus signs in front of stuff as directed.  Do all the expansion packs in order, never having any JSGME mods activated while I'm doing it.  I read the BAT manual.  Do any of you have even a vague idea of what I could be doing wrong?  I haven't tried the Logfile routine, and sadly I just quite frankly get pretty confused when I read about it here, so another install is easier for me (I have plenty of time nowadays).  I realize that I must be doing something wrong, but for the life of me I can't figure what it is. I figure if I don't eventually get it right, then I will jeopardize my playing Monty's "new" BoB when he releases it, since I know it will have Spitfires in it.  Well, that's pretty much it, depressing as it is.  Embarrassingly so to.  Any thought will be appreciated. :-[


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Re: Missing aircraft (again)
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2017, 07:18:55 AM »

Just waiting on the new missions for BAT or VP concerning the BoB . Will only run missions/campaigns that are designed to work with them. Been running smooth as butter. If it has not been tested i'm not interested in it.
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