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Author Topic: IL-2 Forgotten Missions (missions from IL-2 Demos and IL-2 not included in "1946")  (Read 4029 times)

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IL-2 Forgotten Missions (missions from IL-2 Demos and IL-2 not included in "1946")


I have released these missions a few different times, but I figured it may be a welcome addition for fun.  These are still old classics and they are compatible with BAT WAW, as well as SAS MODACTS for 4.12 and 4.13 (with flyable AI mod).

Download at http://www.uberdemon.net/dzzmods/UD_00_ForgottenMissions.zip

Unzip the file in the BAT directory (the archive has the BATMODS folder, so when it asks to overwrite, just do it, since it only copies this mod).  Install this via JSGME.

New Mission Content:
  • 5x G-11 Glider USSR Single Missions (from original AAA flyable MOD I released in Jan 2008) (The most fun mission has a start on the incline of a high mountain... you roll down until you have speed and you'll fly and enjoy the scenery... try it!)
  • 5x Me-321 Glider Germany Single Missions (from original AAA flyable MOD I released in 2008)

And for a taste of the past, enjoy original missions from IL-2 Sturmovik and some of its add-ons, as well as the two game Demos.  These were never released with IL-2 (1946).  I enhanced some of these missions with ground objects, but have not changed the content for the flying mission, or its intent.  I released these with permission from Oleg Maddox.

•   Missing Missions From Original IL-2 Sturmovik (not in 1946 release):
o   Coop (11 total)
.   5x Original IL-2 Coop missions (from release 1.0)
.   5x Stuka based Coop missions (from 1.2 Add-on)
.   1x Yak-9 based Coop mission (from 1.2 Add-on)
o   Germany Single Player (9 total)
.   4x FW-190A-5 missions (from 1.1 Add-on)
.   1x Bf-109E7Z mission (from 1.2 Add-on)
.   4x Ju-87B-2 missions (from 1.2 Add-on)
o   USSR Single Player (5 total)
.   4x Yak-9 missions (from 1.2 Add-on)
.   1x Yak-9D mission (from 1.2 Add-on)

•   IL-2 Demo 1 (Russian Leaked Demo) Single Player Missions over Smolensk
o   Germany Single Player (1 total)
.   1x Bf-109G-2 mission
o   USSR Single Player (2 total)
.   1x IL-2M mission
.   1x P-39N-1 mission

•   IL-2 Demo 2 (Official Demo) Single Player Missions over Crimea
o   Germany Single Player (4 total)
.   2x Bf-109G-2 missions
.   2x Fw-190A-5 missions
o   USSR Single Player (8 total)
.   2x IL-2M missions
.   2x La-5FN missions
.   2x P-39N-1 missions
.   2x Yak-9T missions

Enjoy.  I included a PDF you want to read more details.

[Edit01 (30 Mar 2017):  Yak-9 mission 2 will crash in BAT.  The fix is simple:  Open it in FMB, select the Bf-109G-6 and for weapons select the R6: MG151/20 pod option.  I guess sometime between the original IL-2 and BAT the weapon code for that load out changed.]

Best Regards,
Best Regards, UberDemon/danzigzag, Get UQMG at SAS BAT Mission area.  www.uberdemon.net no longer exists.


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oooo thanks Uber m8 !
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These are great, I never let go of my original set but this is a great re-introduction for many.  Thanks again Dan.  I like the documentation too.  UDdzz_IL-2ForgottenMissions.pdf should reside in the BATDOCS folder.  Single mission selections like this are so superior to QMB and DGen IMHO.   8)
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