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Author Topic: Back to BoS after 1 1/2 year - am I too dumb or...?  (Read 754 times)

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Back to BoS after 1 1/2 year - am I too dumb or...?
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:55:07 AM »

Hi folks,

When the BoM 40% OFF offer arrived, I deviced to kick up BoS again to consider whether I'm gonna buy me BoM or not.
I've update Steam, noticed that I didn't play BoS for 1.5 years (!!), updated BoS to latest version, tried to start, failed, terminated the process, started again and in I was.
Digged out my old keyboard setting sheet, still worked - fine.
Joystick settings were all messed up. Okay, I've updated from Win7 to Win10 in the meantime, so the Joystick appears "new" to the game. No big deal.
Finally I've been there again.
Jumped a seat in my oldie goldie 190, taxied to takeoff (seemed easier than it was when I played BoS the last time), took off - fine.
Tried to land, stalled, crashed... okay. Took off again, crashed again... took off a third time and got the gripe again - finally.
Did a couple of go-arounds, all fine and dandy.

So I decided to do a few combat sorties.
I'm not that type of a fighter guy, mud moving is my business.
Loaded a bomb on my 190, quick mission, farthest western base to have time to get settled before attacking - fine.
Difficulting settings were "normal" so the game told me where to go.
Went there, found a car column.
First pass, flak starts shooting while I'm ~3km off, left wing ripped off at 1.5km distance - dead.
Next sortie.
Arriving at combat area, another car column.
First pass, flak start shooting at ~3km again, I manage to drop my bomb, 1 flak and 1 car dead, 2nd flak kills my engine, belly landing.
Next sortie.
Arriving at combat area, there's a train with a flak.
First pass, flak start shooting at ~3km again, at ~2km my pilot gets heavily wounded and I can't even pull enough to stay airborne anymore. Dead.
Next sortie.
I've done 20 sorties like that now and never survived the first pass above the target.
Is that normal?
I tried it low, treetop level.
I tried a shallow dive.
I tried hard turns.
I tried slow turns.
I tried flying straight.
Whatever I do, the best I can get is to have one pass with shooting and/or dropping a bomb, and while I look back I'm already dead.
~50% of times I don't even get there and get killed before I can shoot a single bullet.

Is that normal?

Best regards - Mike
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Re: Back to BoS after 1 1/2 year - am I too dumb or...?
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2017, 11:00:21 AM »

... must be because you're flying a FW190 ...  :-X

... try with a Russian bird instead ...  8)
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