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Author Topic: SAS Engine MOD 2.8.11 western & JC's Merge Effect (Beta) Full-pack 10/Sep/2018  (Read 62925 times)

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Re: SAS Engine MOD 2.8.3 western & JC's Merge Effect (Beta) Full-pack 19/Mar/2018
« Reply #373 on: November 08, 2018, 10:00:58 AM »

I also wrote the codes each Jets can have specific those pitch degrees in FM file.
Code: [Select]
CTargetPitchDegreeAITakeoffRotation 10.0
CTargetPitchDegreeAITakeoffClimb 13.0
Those lines in the FM mean rotation target is 10 degrees and climb target is 13 degrees for some short tail jet fighters.

I have been playing aronud with the F-104 mod lately and found out something:

After rotating, the plane begins to pitch down and so generates no lift. So I used the new FM lines. The plane now rotates to a correct angle - but it then begins pitching down back to "flying" flat (it does not fly at all, it just drives on the runway at 400 km/h). It will do this with any kind of load, although with the lighter ones it will lift off for a second or two.
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I'm sorry, the fault was on my side, I had an old version of AI / Torpedo Ship Extension.
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