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Author Topic: Battle of Kuban  (Read 3826 times)

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Re: Battle of Kuban
« Reply #12 on: October 07, 2016, 12:30:43 PM »

Generally I like this game and have pre-ordered BOK etc. but with some proviso's. But if you guys could get hold of this game like you have with il-1946, it'd be a heck of a lot better than it is now, and it ain't bad at all. For me as a SP only I'd love some ai guru to get working on it behind the scenes, because for me this is the only real deal breaker. Ground/ship attack/bombing is superb, but at the moment air to air underwhelms.

It looks stunning and the planes handle like they really should do, cockpits and scenery are outstanding etc. Hell you can waste hours just taxiing out, taking off and doing circuits and bumps, but the ai in a modded il-2 1946, hell even an un-modded version, wipes the floor with the ai in BOS/BOM. There is currently a rumour doing the rounds that the devs are now working on this as a priority (and they really need to), and it'll debut with BOK and retro update the older games. I've pre-ordered BOK on the basis of this. If it isn't then as a SP they've lost me. 

QMB air combat is ruined by a brain-dead ai TBH, unless you enjoy following drones around and shooting at them. The devs seem to have thought that making the bots jiggle and duck about like a wounded butterfly is an adequate challenge - I chased a MiG-3 around the other night watching my guns empty of ammo as I vainly tried to follow his bizarre wiggles, jumps and banks just above the tree tops. Then I remembered reading that the MiG-3 was a nightmare to handle at low level in a dogfight and all the pilot could really do was rely on speed and hunch down behind his seat, because any evasive action and the beast would basically spin in!

Perhaps worse the player is allowed to fly around in circles down to ground level attempting to shoot down his victim safe in the knowledge that no ai planes from the other side will help their buddy, or get on your six. It's really bizarre - it's almost like you two are the only planes in combat! The only time ai fighters seem to engage me is in a head on pass - otherwise they seem unable to get behind and shoot you down, which is a bit of a joke when your flying LaGG's or I-16's against Bf-109F's! Of course the bombers have back seat snipers but this just makes things even odder.

I'm hoping this problem will get sorted out soon, because if it does then this series will be a winner for offline pilots too.
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