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Author Topic: Memories heavy cross  (Read 1248 times)

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Memories heavy cross
« on: May 10, 2016, 05:05:08 AM »

Memories heavy cross

The first air flight plans across Russia from west to east were considered in the spring of 1914. In an air tool is being offered airship, the basis for the construction of the route from Moscow to Vladivostok was the Trans-Siberian Railway. The initiator of such a daring venture was the former head of the aeronautics school L.M.Kovanko, under whose leadership was developed a detailed trip plan, up to the instructions of its separate stages.With the onset of World War I dream about the flight I had to leave. They returned to it only in 1923, when the Council for Civil Aviation decided to proceed with the drafting of Petrograd-Moscow-Vladivostok flight. However, it took another two years before the main idea of the air path to the East was realized in a new way.In March 1925, the Board of Civil Aviation decided this summer to carry out long-distance flight in the direction of the Far East to the Soviet-built aircraft. The documents used the name "Far flight", "Flight Moscow-Mongolia-China" and "Flight from Moscow to Beijing." The project route from Moscow to Beijing in the short term has been designed to "Dobrolet" society under the leadership of the oldest Russian pilot H.N.Slavorossova.The head of the expedition was appointed Isaac Pavlovich Schmidt, assistant and head of the flight of the assigned pilot M.A.Volkovoynova pilots M.M.Gromov, A.N.Ekatov, IK Polyakov, N.I.Naydenov, A.I.Tomashevsky. Vybror fell on the aircraft: F-1 (2 aircraft), P-2, the Ju-13 "Junkers" (2 aircraft) and AC-1. The flight began at 8 am June 10, 1925, however, this company is not on this.Immediately I say, I do not claim to be true.


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