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Quest: Guess what is depicted here

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"Rules" of the Quest:

* Only airplane or airplane parts pics please.
* The "winner" is the one who solves a quest first.
* The winner has the right to continue the quest.
* If the winner doesn't want to continue, he can declare an "open round" so anyone who feels like can continue with the next quest.
First come first serve.
* If the winner doesn't continue the quest within 24 hours, it's "open round" automatically.
Hi folks,

Try it: What type of aircraft is this? (Click for full size image)

Best regards - Mike

Yak-11 ?

Despite a few odd modifications, doesn't the Yak-11 have a 2-blade prop?
No, that's no moose.

Best regards - Mike

I dunno.  :-X

OH GOD YES!! It COULD be a LA-7 OR 5!! How'd I forget that one?? ???


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