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Author Topic: Bf-109W2  (Read 7452 times)

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« on: July 02, 2015, 05:29:03 PM »


The Messerschmidt design team were initially tasked with developing a fast reconnaissance aircraft to replace the Arado Ar-196 that was currently in service with the Kriegsmarine.
Their design utilized the twin floats from the Ar-196 mounted on a Bf-109F.  It was given the designation Bf-109W, however, the project never made it off the drawing board. 
Blohm & Voss were to take up the project, if it went ahead, and so they submitted a few designs of their own. One of the most promising designs looks to have been a 
development of the Japanese fighter based float planes. This is how the revised design, with the designation Bf-109W2, might have looked.

Download :



Mod created from original work by :

 Anto, Crazyflak, Freddy, Greif11, JapanCat, Maddox:1C, PA-Jeronimo, SAS

1) Ensure you have 4.12.2m running ModAct 5.2 or later
2) Extract the Bf-109W2 file to your #SAS directory
3) Select the appropriate "summer" folder - note 2048 is default
3) Add the air.ini line as per below

Please Note:  Existing Bf-109G skins will map to the basic airframe however,  the cockpit has been mapped to a separate tga and that space on the main skin is used to map the floats.
A photoshop template of the float UVW layer is provided for skinners.


Add to air.ini :

Bf-109W2     air.BF_109W2    2                       NOINFO  g01   SUMMER

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