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Author Topic: CUP modules do not show up in the Selector (SOLVED)  (Read 1521 times)

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CUP modules do not show up in the Selector (SOLVED)
« on: April 17, 2015, 12:41:56 PM »

I have a clean install of 4.12.2 and ModAct 5.3. Installed the CUP via the instructions. My issue is that I only have 5 choices on the IL2 Selector. None of the CUP modules show up. Is anyone able to give me some assistance to get the CUP modules to appear in the Selector?



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Re: CUP modules do not show up in the Selector
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2015, 12:50:44 PM »

here is the content of the root/il2fb.ini file as it comes with CUP.
Within the Modtype settings are added for the CUP modules:

Code: [Select]
; Modtype setting. Set the number of different Mod Types here.

; Mod Type No.1 (Zero-based Index = 0).
; Set short Name, Help text, Files folder name and Mods folder name.
Name=Stock Game
Help=Unmodded, untouched 'stock' game version.

; Mod Type No.2 (Zero-based Index = 1).
Name=HSFX V7.0
Help=Old fashioned modding style with 'FILES' and 'MODS' folders holding the mods.

; Mod Type No.3 (Zero-based Index = 2).
Help=SAS MODACT 5.3, mods reside in '#SAS' folder

; Mod Type No.4 (Zero-based Index = 3).
Name=Dawn of Flight 1906-1926
Help=Dawn of Flight 1906-1926, mods reside in '#DOF' folder

; Mod Type No.5 (Zero-based Index = 4).
Name=World at War 1936-1946
Help=World at War 1936-1946, mods reside in '#WAW' folder

; Mod Type No.6 (Zero-based Index = 5).
Name=The Jet Age 1946-2016
Help=The Jet Age 1946-2016, mods reside in '#JTW' folder

; Startup Settings for the SAS / UltraPack IL-2 1946 Game Launcher

; Mod Type Setting:
; 0 = No Mods, Stock IL-2 1946 Server
; 1 = "Classic" Mod Style, i.e. modded files reside in "FILES" and "MODS" folder
; 2 = SAS Modact Modded game, i.e. modded files reside in "#SAS" folder
; 3 = UltraPack Modded game, i.e. modded files reside in "#UP#" folder
; 4 = Dark Blue World Modded game, i.e. modded files reside in "#DBW" folder
; 5 = Dark Blue World 1916 Modded game, i.e. modded files reside in "#DBW_1916" folder
; default setting: 0

; Ram Size Setting in Megabytes.
; Be careful not to select too big size here.
; Above 512MB is risky.
; Above 1024MB is critical.
; Above 1800MB will most likely cause startup errors.
; default setting: 512

; Expert Mode Setting
; With Expert Mode enabled, the selector offers more setting options than
; than with default setting
; default setting: 0 (Expert Mode disabled)

; Memory Strategy setting
; This setting affects the way memory is being allocated for the Java
; virtual Machine. Balanced means that memory will be allocated in a
; blanced manner for heap, stack and objects.
; Heap only is the "old fashioned" way of binary edited il2fb.exe files
; where only the heap memory size is getting increased while all other
; memory areas remain untouched.
; Conservative is a setting right between Balanced and Heap only.
; default setting: 0 (Balanced Mode)

; Cached File Lists setting
; When this setting is enabled, IL-2 on startup does not scan the modded files
; folder anymore, but uses a filelist cache file for this folder if it exists.
; The filename for this cache file is "~wrapper.cache".
; Every time when you change something inside your modded files folder, you
; have to wipe this file for the game to recreate it with updated contents.
; default setting: 0 (Cached File Lists disabled)

; Multiple Instances setting
; Usually you can run only one single IL-2 instance at a time.
; When you enable this setting, you can run IL-2 multiple times in parallel.
; This is particularly useful for developing and debugging tasks.
; default setting: 0 (Multiple Instances disabled)

; Exit With IL-2 setting
; When enabled, IL-2 selector will quit when you exit the game.
; When disabled, you'll get back to the selector when you exit the game, in
; case you started it through the selector.
; default setting: 0 (Exit With IL-2 disabled)

; The following section holds additional parameters for the JVM,
; one parameter per line. Check Java 2 SE documents for applicable parameters.

BUT: when you do not have this file as it should be, what else is wrong?
I fear you did something wrong when installing CUP ...

or have you changed this ini file ?
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Re: CUP modules do not show up in the Selector
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2015, 01:51:07 PM »

Thank you. I was using a brand new Zip program. I didn't configure it properly and found that not all of the files (even though "extract all" was my setting) were being extracted to the intended folder. The IL-2 Selector was not being extracted to the root folder so I was stuck with the original.

I have done a lot of research and tries and re-tries with these problems before posting. But it just so happens each time I post I am finding the answer shortly after. However I have pulled out alot of my hair.

Sorry for the mis-fire. I am certain I will have more problems soon.  :P
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