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Author Topic: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" V2.0 release  (Read 69649 times)

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DGenPack 3.0 is released
« Reply #420 on: September 18, 2019, 01:46:06 AM »

Hi Motor

time passages and your campaigns just remain wonderful.

Only problem is: I am not a good pilot, at least as a fighter pilot  :-[ , so I am very very often killed  :( .

Soooo, to better enjoy your campaigns (I love the US navy campaigns) i would need a little help to "reduce" enemy AI skill a bit, is it possible and how ? i would like if I could reduce the enemy AI skill to "average" or "rookie" (I mean one step below from where it is now) and not reducing the enemy number of planes in a mission (I really love above all the historical reconstruction that you were able to do) ...

I see there is the DGENMOD.INI file ... is it there that I can make changes to have enemy AI less skilled ? Or in other files ?

Hello blackshark!
First, there is my DGenMOD.ini, for example. I recommends you to use exactly same settings in yours:


About all settings for dynamic generator, you can look at readme:
Section "Parameters of the DGen_mod.ini file" at page 5.

There is a more radical way.
Yes, this way can be used too! But its much more complicated, i think))
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Re: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" V2.0 release
« Reply #421 on: September 18, 2019, 12:53:21 PM »

Hi Motorhead. Appreciate the reply. I know what it is like when real life takes over.
The campaigns I listed were not in my stock Il2 4.12.2 but appeared after I added your Dgen Mod v3.0. I suggest maybe they were in earlier versions of Dgen Mod and were still in your latest download. Just a thought.
I will set the current 255mb Dgen folder with a -sign to disable it then enter your 71mb BETA into an empty Dgen folder.
Am I to understand I dont have to amend any other folders such as #Dgen.


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Re: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" V2.0 release
« Reply #422 on: September 20, 2019, 06:46:06 AM »

Hi Motorhead. After disabling the earlier DGen folders I unpacked your BETA into an empty DGen folder in my stock 4.14.1 set up and the following campaigns are now listed
Finland 3, Germany 9, IJN 2, Romania 1, Slovakia 2, USAAF 1, USMC 1, USSR 15.
Is this now as it should be?


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Re: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" V2.0 release
« Reply #423 on: September 25, 2019, 10:04:08 AM »

Hi Motorhead. I hope life is good and you are well.
I have finally set up the DGen Mod v3.0 with 14.4.1 and started the Germany Western Front Fighter career. It is very immersive with a great map of Europe, so well done on that. I am three missions in (shot down twice!).
1. The internal player cockpit sound problem you know about. I came across another issue re this. In mission 2 when cycling through the various enemy aircraft using F2 some engine sounds okay, some are silent.
2. During the missions a repeated Russian message appears on screen telling me, I believe, the grid map reference and the height of the enemy. Am I to assume this is ground control passing on this information.
3. Does 'Mission Complete' appear in English or Russian. I have not seen it yet.
4. Bowie has been helping me set up and he asked me to tell you he would happy to help with the English translation where necessary.


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Re: "Pearl Harbor - Tokyo" V2.0 release
« Reply #424 on: October 12, 2019, 08:25:50 AM »

I have a question about one of the sub-campaigns:

I tried the Japanese "Bomber - Battle of the Philippine Sea 1944" and I think there is something to fix ... the b6n is almost impossibile to be managed in the air ... i tried with aileron, trim etc but is too difficult to stay in the air ... the plane only stay balanced with autopilot ...maybe because of the torpedo that is not in the center of the plane (it's on the right side) ? maybe you can check it if there is a possibility to fix it ?

a great thank you for your campaigns
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