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Author Topic: Proper QMB Mission Naming explained  (Read 928 times)

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Proper QMB Mission Naming explained
« on: March 09, 2014, 12:32:47 PM »

I recently started to fix issues I had with default DBW 1.71 QMBProPAL.

Please read the following carefully, so we can avoid the renaming Mistake of Naval Missions being unplayable. This is no flaming, I was just
examing the in and out to the bone, and feel free to test what I speak about. Datafile Corrupt1 can happen if [MAIN] or Flights have mess too.

1.Mission not showing up in the row of selectables
2.Wrong Mission naming causing Datafile Corrupt 1 Error prompted

We will examine what is causing this in detail.
Keep an eye on [MAIN] sequence and Mission naming done properly, the Default way.

1.Proper [MAIN] Sequences we find in 2 of our most used scenarios/QMBs:

Code: [Select]
  TIME 12.0
  CloudType 0
  CloudHeight 1000.0
  player r0100
  army 1
  playerNum 0

  TIME 12.0
  CloudType 0
  CloudHeight 1000.0
  player g0100
  army 2
  playerNum 0

  TIME 12.0
  CloudType 0
  CloudHeight 1000.0
  player usa0100
  army 1
  playerNum 0

  TIME 12.0
  CloudType 0
  CloudHeight 1000.0
  player ja0100
  army 2
  playerNum 0

2.Proper QMB Mission NAMING:



Also possible


Autobedarf LeipheimBlueScrambleHangar.mis

>>>QMB will show only first target in the row, Bridge, Dieppe and Scramble
...optionally you can ad a numbering in the common way.
You shouldn't add unhandled stuff in Naming, after adding Folder and Side, Map i.e. is such an unhandled prefix.

Target prefix from Naming will show up left hand side in Player QMB Menu, you can alternatively assign a properties and tell a bit more,
though the space is limited.

Content of MAIN if differing from default will be overwritten by IL-2, though this stuff will be overwritten as Player is able to do so,
50% of the Missions have this stuff there, though unnecessary.
Necessary would be the proper side/player assignment for RED and BLUE sides, this was in over 80% not the case.
I only turned on this, after I got myself a printed sheet with the detailed content and saw what was missing.
Fixing I did with the above mentioned Default entries according the Missions, this fixed almost all Missions and glitches.

Happy Missionbuilding Mates and a jolly good evening
Regards Knoch
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