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Author Topic: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01  (Read 72521 times)

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He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01
« on: January 19, 2014, 06:12:53 AM »

It was about time...

Here it is, the He 177 A-3 / A-5 SAS Flyable Edition:

Features (just a few...):
  • Based on HSFX 7.0.1 He 177 AI only version
  • New ordnance options, historically accurate and based on documents as much as possible
  • New Flight Model
  • Completely rewritten Java Code
  • Many bugs fixed, e.g. Flaps, Ordnance hooks, Landing Lights, Gear Doors, Gunner Positions, Propellor rotation direction etc.
  • All gunner positions manned

Download Links for the He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01 (25MB)
He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01 (Mediafire)

IL-2 4.09m Users only (Modact 2, Ultrapack 2, HSFX 4):
Download Links for the He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01 addons for IL-2 4.09m (0.8MB)
He 177 SAS Flyable Edition v1.01 addons for IL-2 4.09m (Mediafire)

For Installation Instructions please refer to the readme below which is also part of the Download Package:
Code: [Select]
*                                   Installation Instructions:                                                   *

1.) Copying of files (depending on your game version):
1a.) Modact 3/4/5 users (IL-2 4.10/4.11/4.12): Extract the contents of this mod to the "#SAS" folder of your game.
1b.) DBW users (IL-2 4.10):                    Extract the contents of this mod to the "#DBW" folder of your game.
1c.) Ultrapack 3 users (IL-2 4.10):            Extract the contents of this mod to the "#UP#" folder of your game.
1d.) HSFX 5/6/7 users (IL-2 4.10/4.11/4.12):   Extract the contents of this mod to the "MODS" folder of your game.
1e.) Modact 2/Ultrapack 2/HSFX 4 users (IL-2 4.09):
                                               Extract the contents of this mod to the "MODS" folder of your game.
                                               Additionally download and install the 4.09 addon pack for this mod.

ATTENTION: You need some kind of "DiffFM" mod installed in your game.
           Modact 5 and DBW ship with DiffFM included by default, others need to make sure to have it installed,
           otherwise your game will crash at 60%.
           Some links for DiffFM mods (not comprehensive):
           4.09m:                http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,3988.0.html
           4.10m (incl. UP3):    http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,12169.0.html
           4.11m (incl. HSFX 6): http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,24777.0.html
           HSFX 7:               http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,38980.0.html

2.) Open air.ini (in Modact 5 you find this file at "<Your Game Folder>\#SAS\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects\air.ini",
    for other game versions this may differ, e.g. "<Your Game Folder>\MODS\STD\com\maddox\il2\objects\air.ini").
    Add the following line:

He-177-A3         air.HE_177_A3 2                       NOINFO  g01   SUMMER

3.) Optional: If you'd like to have nicer propeller meshes for screenshots, remove the "-" sign from the name
    of the folder "-He 0177 Screenshot Props" of this mod so that it's name reads "He 0177 Screenshot Props".

4.) Scroll down for further optional .properties file modifications.

*                                                  Contents:                                                     *

This mod provides to you the SAS Flyable Edition of the famous HSFX 7 Heinkel He 177 "Greif".
It features the models "A-3" and "A-5" of the "Greif" with a total of 79 ordnance options.
Care has been taken to keep most of the ordnance options historically accurate.
Some ordnance options are not correct though, they're in this pack for one of two reasons:
1.) They've been in the initial HSFX 7 release of the "Greif" and remain in this pack for backward compatibility
2.) They serve as a stand-in for a very similar historical ordnance option.

This mod fixes a lot of bugs which were part of the initial HSFX 7 "Greif" release, e.g. wrong bomb hooks,
missing outer flaps, flap movement didn't represent the fowler flaps properly, gunners could shoot their own
aircraft, gunner coverage area was wrong, wrong gun types on turrets, bomb bay door touched ventral gun,
ventral gunner didn't change position in his seat, "floating" parts after ground impact, left prop was
rotating right hand erratically, landing light positions were wrong and landing light was not operable,
gear doors remained open when gear was in "locked down" position etc...

This mod implements a new Flight Model with some parameters fine tuned in order to match closer historical
data e.g. for max. ceiling, max speed at altitude etc. and fixes further failures like wrong fuel mass,
missing fire extinguishers etc.

The whole Java code was rewritten and a couple of genuine features have been implemented, e.g. automatic
prop feather (a genuine feature of german late war coupled engines).
All gunner stations are manned and can be operated by AI or manually as you like.

*                                                  Credits:                                                      *

- Our beloved game acting as code base here, by 1C/Maddox/TD
- Original 3D by Magot (SVK)
- Initial AI release by 242 Squadron / HSFX Team
- Rotated left prop meshes by mikoyan99 and Birdman
- Many help with 3D bug fixing by mikoyan99, mac1, BT~wasted, GJE52, western0221, Dreamk, Birdman, Loku,
  SAS~Epervier, vpmedia, just champi (hopefully I didn't forget to mention someone)
- Java Code and new ordnance arrangement by SAS~Storebror

*                                                 Changelog:                                                     *

Version 1.01:
- Torpedokommandogerät ToKG implemented:
  When Torpedo ordnance is selected, Lotfe bombsight device will be replaced by ToKG.
  Use bombsight keys to adjust ToKG params.
  Works for 4.10+ (sorry 4.09 Rebels, you'll see it but it has no real effect for you).
- Bombsight View Zoom Factor made adjustable for 4.12/Modact5/HSFX7
  (sorry 4.11 or older game version users, this feature has been implemented with 4.12)

Version 1.00:
- Zwölflampengerät fixed by SAS~Epervier
- Waypoint Azimuth Indicator fixed by SAS~Epervier

Release Candidate 01:
- Code Merge for 4.09 - 4.12 versions
- Left prop meshes updated by Birdman
- Right gear ground smoke hook adjusted
- Mipmap texture flag bugfix implemented
- Engine startup shake code implemented

Beta 003:
- Flight Model changes to better reflect a heavy bomber + CG pos adjustments
- Fowler Flap code implemented: Reduced drag in combat&takeoff pos., increased drag in landing pos.
- Left prop mesh LOD fixes by Matt (mikoyan99)
- auxiliary tank initial 90 degree rotation at drop time fixed

Beta 002:
- Rotation of inner main gear wheels fixed
- ToKG functionality implemented (ToKG 3D Mesh not yet implemented)
- "tumbling" auxiliary tank drop pattern implemented
- Small code fixes regarding external loadout
- Added 4.09m Version

Beta 001:
- Initial Beta Release of He 177 SAS Flyable Edition

*                                  Optional properties modifications:                                            *

1.) Open plane.properties (Modact 5, can be found at "<Your Game Folder>\#SAS\STD\i18n\plane.properties")
    or plane_ru.properties (other game versions, officially unsupported).

2.) At the end of the file, add the following lines:
He-177-A3            He 177 A-3/A-5, 1943

3.) Open weapons.properties (Modact 5, can be found at "<Your Game Folder>\#SAS\STD\i18n\weapons.properties")
    or weapons_ru.properties (other game versions, officially unsupported).
4.) At the end of the file, add the following lines (yes, it's 1264 lines to be added, seriously. We know
    that this is roughly 1/4th of the original stock weapons.properties file size. Trust us: It's worth it.):

# He-177-A3
He-177-A3.default                       Default
He-177-A3.36xSC50                       36xSC 50
He-177-A3.48xSC50                       48xSC 50
He-177-A3.48xSC70                       48xSC 70
He-177-A3.12xSC250                      12xSC 250
He-177-A3.4xSC500                       4xSC 500
He-177-A3.6xSC500                       6xSC 500
He-177-A3.10xSC500                      10xSC 500
He-177-A3.4xSC500_ER                    4xSC 500 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xSC500_LR                    2xSC 500 LongRange
He-177-A3.4xSD500                       4xSD 500
He-177-A3.6xSD500                       6xSD 500
He-177-A3.4xSD500_ER                    4xSD 500 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xSD500_LR                    2xSD 500 LongRange
He-177-A3.2xSC1000                      2xSC 1000
He-177-A3.4xSC1000                      4xSC 1000
He-177-A3.2xSC1000_ER                   2xSC 1000 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xSD1000                      2xSD 1000
He-177-A3.4xSD1000                      4xSD 1000
He-177-A3.6xSD1000                      6xSD 1000
He-177-A3.4xSD1000_ER                   4xSD 1000 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xSD1000_LR                   2xSD 1000 LongRange
He-177-A3.2xSC1800                      2xSC 1800
He-177-A3.4xSC1800                      4xSC 1800
He-177-A3.2xSC1800_ER                   2xSC 1800 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xPC1600                      2xPC 1600
He-177-A3.4xPC1600                      4xPC 1600
He-177-A3.2xPC1600_ER                   2xPC 1600 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.2xSC2000                      2xSC 2000
He-177-A3.2xSC2000_ER                   2xSC 2000 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xSC1800                    A5: 2xSC 1800
He-177-A3.A52xSC1800_ER                 A5: 2xSC 1800 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xSC1800_LR                 A5: 2xSC 1800 LongRange
He-177-A3.A52xSC1800_ELR                A5: 2xSC 1800 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A51xSC2500                    A5: 1xSC 2500
He-177-A3.A51xSC2500_ER                 A5: 1xSC 2500 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A51xSC2500_LR                 A5: 1xSC 2500 LongRange
He-177-A3.A51xSC2500_ELR                A5: 1xSC 2500 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A51xHs293                     A5: 1x Hs293
He-177-A3.A51xHs293_ER                  A5: 1x Hs293 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A51xHs293_LR                  A5: 1x Hs293 LongRange
He-177-A3.A51xHs293_ELR                 A5: 1x Hs293 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A52xHs293                     A5: 2x Hs293
He-177-A3.A52xHs293_ER                  A5: 2x Hs293 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xHs293_LR                  A5: 2x Hs293 LongRange
He-177-A3.A52xHs293_ELR                 A5: 2x Hs293 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A53xHs293                     A5: 3x Hs293
He-177-A3.A53xHs293_ER                  A5: 3x Hs293 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A53xHs293_LR                  A5: 3x Hs293 LongRange
He-177-A3.A53xHs293_ELR                 A5: 3x Hs293 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A51xFritzX                    A5: 1x FritzX
He-177-A3.A51xFritzX_ER                 A5: 1x FritzX Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A51xFritzX_LR                 A5: 1x FritzX LongRange
He-177-A3.A51xFritzX_ELR                A5: 1x FritzX Max.Range
He-177-A3.A52xFritzX                    A5: 2x FritzX
He-177-A3.A52xFritzX_ER                 A5: 2x FritzX Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xFritzX_LR                 A5: 2x FritzX LongRange
He-177-A3.A52xFritzX_ELR                A5: 2x FritzX Max.Range
He-177-A3.A53xFritzX                    A5: 3x FritzX
He-177-A3.A53xFritzX_ER                 A5: 3x FritzX Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A53xFritzX_LR                 A5: 3x FritzX LongRange
He-177-A3.A53xFritzX_ELR                A5: 3x FritzX Max.Range
He-177-A3.A52xLT50                      A5: 2x LT50 (Salvo)
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_ER                   A5: 2x LT50 S. Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_LR                   A5: 2x LT50 S. LongRange
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_ELR                  A5: 2x LT50 S. Max.Range
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_spread               A5: 2x LT50
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_spread_ER            A5: 2x LT50 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_spread_LR            A5: 2x LT50 LongRange
He-177-A3.A52xLT50_spread_ELR           A5: 2x LT50 Max.Range
He-177-A3.A54xLT50                      A5: 4x LT50 (Salvo)
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_ER                   A5: 4x LT50 S. Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_LR                   A5: 4x LT50 S. LongRange
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_ELR                  A5: 4x LT50 S. Max.Range
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_spread               A5: 4x LT50
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_spread_ER            A5: 4x LT50 Ext.Range
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_spread_LR            A5: 4x LT50 LongRange
He-177-A3.A54xLT50_spread_ELR           A5: 4x LT50 Max.Range
He-177-A3.none                          Empty

For those who want to try the "Greiff" under conditions more like those in the field  ;) SAS~Poltava has put together a 6 mission mini-campaign:

You are a member of a special bombing Staffel in the Luftwaffe, sent to the Donbass region during the late summer of 1943, to test the new He-177 in field conditions. The frontlines and happenings on the ground are historical. The missions themselves try to reflect those that "Greiff" units flew a year later, during the Soviet summer offensive against Army Group Centre in 1944. You will see a number of different bombing missions. Note also that there is a simple random element in this campaign: on most missions there is 33% to 50% chance of running into Soviet fighters, on some you will encounter them, no matter what. The campaign has been done in and for the ModAct 5.30/4.12.2.

Download Links for the He 177 SAS Flyable Edition Mini Campaign by SAS~Poltava (0.4MB)
He 177 SAS Flyable Edition Mini Campaign by SAS~Poltava (Mediafire)

A last word regarding "licensing" of this mod:
Quite like most of my mod works, all what has been done here is released under the DWTFYWWI "license" (= "Do What The F*ck You Want With It").
Of course I cannot grant you a license for reutilizing things I haven't done, so this doesn't apply to e.g. the base game, the base He 177 3D model etc.
All the rest is free for you to do whatever you want with it. If you reuse some of my works, I'd be glad if you could give credit accordingly. If not, earth revolves on nevertheless.
What goes around comes around, you'll see


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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2014, 06:26:50 AM »

Thank You Storebror....great work as usual!!!


Stefan SG

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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2014, 06:31:32 AM »

Dear Mike,

Thank You for this superb mod. Great plane!



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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2014, 07:38:23 AM »

Splendid job Mike!!!! Many thanks, 8)


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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2014, 07:53:52 AM »

Thanks nice plane


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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #5 on: January 19, 2014, 08:27:02 AM »

GREAT, thank you, man! I am "gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen" (as we say in german, for to be anxious to) to fly this bird.



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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #6 on: January 19, 2014, 08:50:04 AM »

I took the liberty of adding a "Mini Campaign" created by SAS~Poltava to the first post.
It has been created for IL-2 4.12.2m + Modact 5.3 and provides a nice set of missions for our virtual offline pilots taking a seat in one of our "Reichsfeuerzeug" Greifs.
All credits for the campaign go to SAS~Poltava.

Best regards - Mike
What goes around comes around, you'll see


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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #7 on: January 19, 2014, 09:08:13 AM »

Congratulations Mike, Thank You!!
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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #8 on: January 19, 2014, 09:51:19 AM »

I got this plane only as nonflyable in my NTFM setup. In QMB it shows as !He-177A-3 and cannot be chsen by me as my ride!? Where´s the problem??
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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #9 on: January 19, 2014, 09:59:40 AM »

Magnificent, Storebror, thank you very much!


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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #10 on: January 19, 2014, 10:10:37 AM »

Nicely done, mate...cheers and many thanks!



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Re: He 177 SAS Flyable Edition RC 01
« Reply #11 on: January 19, 2014, 10:14:43 AM »

*Big bro Ghost129er flies while little sis Ghost129re (ghost129RE - RE) pwns planes from the turret. Both high fived each other.*
Bro and sis: TEAM WORK!
Thanks guys! We're having a blast with this thing, who needs the B-25 now?? :D :D

-Ghost and sis.
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