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Author Topic: Steam Version iL2 1946 updated to v 4.12.2? HSFX7 work with this?  (Read 2649 times)

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Guys sorry this is my first post i really need help i installed steam version and  it updated me to v4.12.2 which i dont see anywhere on the forums and is there any way to revert back to v 4.12.1? If not what are the correct steps to get HSFX7 WORKING? thank you.... :)


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Re: Steam Version iL2 1946 updated to v 4.12.2? HSFX7 work with this?
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2013, 01:30:02 AM »

hi mate, welcome to the forum. :D
i've never used Steam version, so am not the best guy to give any advice, but i believe it is possible - i have seen it in a thread here somewhere.
do a search for Steam, although that might give hundreds of results, lol.
it's a starting point, anyway.
until such time as a fellow Steam user can offer you some advice. ;)
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