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Just a quick question,I have recently got back into iL-2 1946,have installed a clean V 4.12.2m,have then installed the Modact 5.30/AI Flyables and JSGME Mod options along with the JSGME Mod options patch.

The game runs fine,all the controls figured ok,but my question is..........Do I require to install the latest Buttons into this,or has the Modact 5.30 been updated with the latest Buttons file ?

Sorry for the long winded approach to asking this,but I thought it would be better to inform those that can answer this,what I have done so far.

Many thanks

Modact 5.3 has suitable buttons included already, no need to install any others on top.

The ones listed in this thread...,97.0.html
... are for 4.10/4.11 only.


Thx Mike......what would we do without ya ?   ;D

Have more coffee, for instance :P


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