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Author Topic: MiG-21S/MF/bis v1.1 + Vegas v2.2  (Read 129721 times)

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MiG-21S/MF/bis v1.1 + Vegas v2.2
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:08:58 AM »

What I can say....FINALLY  :D ;D

Finally we've got it to some more or less beta stage. Today I've implemented some more new features. And of course there will be bugs etc, but I hope it is in the stage in what you will enjoy testing it :)

So 'nuff said here it is:


MiG-21S in a fresh silver paint carrying two R-3S missiles along with two S-24 unguided rockets.

MiG-21S (1964; Izdeliye 95; NATO "Fishbed-J")
S = Sapfir (referring to the Sapfir-21/RP-22 radar).
The production version of the Ye-7S. This was fitted with the RP-22 radar (production version of the Sapfir-21 radar) working together with a ASP-PF-21 computing gunsight. The airframe was different from that of the MiG-21PFM by using the same saddle tank as in the MiG-21R. The MiG-21S had an R11F2S-300 powerplant and an AP-155 autopilot featuring a 'panic button' autorecovery system. The MiG-21S could carry the GP-9 cannon pod. It had four underwing hardpoints, with the two outboard pods being "wet", that is, they could carry drop tanks. It could carry all weapons that the MiG-21PFM could, with the addition of the R-3R (K-13R) missile, the semi-active radar homing variant of the K-13. MiG-21S was produced from 1965 to 1968 and delivered only to the Soviet air force.

NOTE: according to some of my sources S model was fitted with RP-22 radar after 1965, so I wanted to represent the first version that had entered production in 1963 thus without the new radar and new R-3R missile. Any discussion on this matter is more then welcome. Ive made this decision to bring more diversity in this pack.


Czech MiG-21MF in a typical Warsaw Pact times scheme carrying two R-3S missiles plus two K-5 beam riding missiles along with 490 liter drop tank.

MiG-21MF from East German Jagdgeschwader in fighter bomber configuration carrying 10xFAB-100m54 including eight of them on MBD-KMGU pylons.

MiG-21MF (1970; Izdeliye 96F; NATO "Fishbed-J")
M = Modernizirovannyy ("Modernised")
F = Forsirovannyy ("Uprated [engine]")
Export version of the MiG-21SM, with RP-22 radar and R13-300 turbojet. The choice of weapons loads was increased with the addition of the R-60 (NATO: AA-8 "Aphid") and later the R-60M IR-seeking AAM. These were also licence-built in India by HAL as the Type 88.

NOTE: According to my sources and my knowledge main weapons of MF model still was R-3S along with R-3R and R-60M appeared much later and on bis model and first used in combat in 1982' Lebanon war. Also I've heard that MF model was capable to carry R-60M only after modernization program after which it was unofficially called MiG-21MF-75. So I've decided not to include R-60 into its loadout list for balance. May main aim was to represent model that was used in 72' in Vietnam and Middle East in 1973. So they were carrying only R-3S in Vietnam and most probably no R-3R in Middle East also. Any suggestions and info are more then welcome.


Polish AF MiG-21bis. This plane based at Poznan was decorated with this swordfish to celebrate the unit's 45th Anniversary. On this photo it carries two R-3R radar guided missiles and four R-60M heat seaking missiles on special twin APU-60-II pylons plus a 800 liter drop tank. In RL it was MiG-21MF! Totally my mistake, sorry :-[

Polish AF MiG-21bis in colors of MiG-21UM of 62.PLM. On this photo it carries two massive beamriding Kh-66 air-to-ground missiles along with two R-13M heat seaking missiles and a 800 liter drop tank.

MiG-21bis (1972; Izdeliye 75; NATO "Fishbed-L/N"
The ultimate development of the MiG-21, fitted with the Tumanskiy R25-300 turbojet engine and a great number of other advances over previous types. Those MiG-21bis for the Soviet PVO (Air Defence Force) were equipped with the Lazur GCI system (NATO: "Fishbed-L"), while those for the Soviet Air Force were fitted with the Polyot ILS system (NATO: "Fishbed-N").

Wiki: While the R-3S was being introduced in 1961, work started on a semi-active radar homing (SARH) version for high-altitude use, the K-13R (R-3R or Object 320), similar to the little-used US Navy AIM-9C Sidewinder (carried by the F-8 Crusader). This took longer to develop, and did not enter service until 1966. This version was designated AA-2B by NATO.

Wiki: The Vympel team started working on a more ambitious upgrade in the late 1960s, emerging as the K-13M (R-13M, Object 380) for the IRH and K-13R (R-3R) for the SARH variant, were developed in the late 1960s. These were dubbed Advanced Atoll (AA-2C and AA-2D, respectively) in the west. The R-13M was roughly equivalent to the improved USAF AIM-9G Sidewinder, with a new proximity fuse, more propellant for longer range, better maneuverability, and a more sensitive nitrogen-cooled seeker head. None, however, were all-aspect missiles. The same electronics upgrades were also applied to the Kaliningrad K-5 (AA-1) to arm fighters that did not carry the K-13.

NOTE: According to other sources R-13M was capable to attack targets in front hemisphere, so in this pack it is all-aspect missile. Any notes/discussions are welcome.

Wiki: The R-60 was initially developed for the MiG-23. Work began on the weapon, under the bureau designation K-60 (izdeliye 62), in the late 1960s. Series production began in 1973. It entered service with the designation R-60 (NATO 'Aphid-A').

When introduced, the R-60 was one of the world's smallest air-to-air missiles, with a launch weight of 44 kg (97 lb). It has infrared guidance, with an uncooled Komar (Mosquito) seeker head. Control is by forward rudders with large rear fins. The distinctive canards on the nose, known as "destabilizers," serve to improve the rudders' efficiency at high angles of attack. The R-60 uses a small, 3 kg (6.5 lb) expanding-rod high explosive warhead. Two different types of proximity fuze can be fitted: the standard Strizh (Swift) optical fuse, which can be replaced with a Kolibri active radar fuse. Missiles equipped with the latter fuse were designated R-60K.

An upgraded version, the R-60M (NATO 'Aphid-B'), using a nitrogen-cooled seeker with an expanded view angle of ±20°, was introduced around 1982. Although its seeker is more sensitive than its predecessor, the R-60M has only limited all-aspect capability. Minimum engagement range was further reduced, to only 200 m (218.7 yd).[3] The proximity fuzes had improved resistance to ECM, although both optical and radar fuzes remained available (radar-fuzed R-60Ms with the Kolibri-M fuze are designated R-60KM). The R-60M is 42 mm (1.7 in) longer, and has a heavier, 3.5 kg (7.7 lb) continuous-rod warhead, increasing launch weight to 45 kg (99 lb). In some versions the warhead is apparently laced with about 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) of depleted uranium to increase the penetrating power of the warhead.

Its just a more modern version of widely used FAB-100 General-purpose bomb

Wiki In 1962 a new series of streamlined, low-drag bombs was introduced, designed for external carriage by fighter-bomber aircraft rather than in internal bays. All bombs have a single nose fuze.

Both the 54 and 62 series designs remain in use. The most common of these are the FAB-100, FAB-250, FAB-500, FAB-750, and FAB-1000, roughly corresponding to the U.S. Mark 80 series. These have seen widespread service in Russia, Warsaw Pact nations, and various export countries.

MBD-KMGU multi ejection rack
Also called as just MBD is a soviet version of MER widely used on various ground attack planes of Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.

A special drop tank that was designed with specifications of MiG-21. The main features is that is carries almost twice fuels as standard PTB-490, but still can fit on the same pylon and has same space between itself and ground.

A special pylon designed to twice the amount of the R-60 missiles on aircraft. It allows to carry two missiles on one hardpoint.

This long-serving series is one of, if not the, most common cluster bombs in the world. The common designation stands for Razovaya Bombovaya Kasseta, or “single-use cassette bomb”.

All are hollow metal shells which split open after drop. They can be carried in supersonic flight (though with a significant drag penalty) and place no G-load limitations on the carrying plane. The maximum drop speed is 440kts and the drop altitude band varies with the payload, but is never less than 335’ and never more than 60,000’.

Version of this pack is loaded up with PTAB bomblets.


The picture above pretty much explain how it work but here's the detail:

It have 2 modes (swithable with radar mode key):

Scan mode:

Player start mission with scan mode enabled automatically. However, player's aircraft need to be above 500m altitute to be able to use radar. In scanning mode, there are 2 horizontal lines that represents the lock-on adjustable range (by using radar gain keys) that will be use to get lock-on target in tracking mode.

Scan zone: +/- 25* horizontal, +/- 10* vertical, range 18,000m (theoretically 20,000 but in RL is less than that) also reduced according to weather condition.

When an aircraft is within the scan zone it will be illuminated with a horizontal line (target mark). There are 2 veritcal lines above and below the target mark. The line above are shown when the target aircraft is above the directly forward nose vector of player aircraft. And the line below are show when target aircraft is below that vector.

Target mark move indicate range and bearing of target aircraft in reference to player aircraft. Refresh rate are 2 seconds. Player need to wait for 5 seconds after switching to scan mode before they can use tracking mode again.

Tracking (Lock-on) mode:

Can only track 1 target, players will not be able to switch target, they stay with what ever it track at the beginning. Once tracked, the tracking zone will narrowed to +/-5 degree and moved at an angle that it will always follow the currently tracking target. these radar movement are limited (and slow) so any drastic aircraft movement can cause lost of tracking.

In any case of lost target, player need to turn back to scan mode before they can acquire a new target and use track mode again.

Lost of contacts involves: ground clutter, target out of lock-on zone, radar can't follow target due to own aircraft movement, target aircraft is totally destroyed.

Lock-on zone: +/- 60* horizontal, +/- 20* vertical, range: within adjustable lock-on zone

The target aircraft need to be within lock-on zone. The target mark moving showing horizontal and vertical bearing of victim aircraft to player aircraft, so for a good lock you need to move your aircraft in a way that mark is at the center of the radar scope (there's a marking that looks like a reticle). Range of target aircraft to player aircraft are displayed by 2 horizontal lines mark that move horizontally from outside to the center of the target mark (when the 2 line meet each other....well, you probably already hit the target aircraft (0 distance).

Weather can dramatically reduce the effective range of your radar. Also, when flying below 5000m altitude. Nosing down will cause clutter effect, which render radar useless.

Again, this is best with a videos explanation. Hope someone can make it.

Interception tactic:

If someone introduced himself to jets with MiG-21 and SM-12, without any experience with Sabres and Frescos, I strongly suggest you do some dogfighting with Fresco and K-13 Atoll missiles - it will help you figure out what you can and can't do with those missiles in much less extreme environment than you get in Fishbed/Farmer.

First of all, don't use Alkali unless it's somehow justified by scenario or you want some aditional chalenge - use Atolls for interceptions, no matter if it's against bombers or fighters. Also, if you don't have it yet, install Command and Control mod - it's essential for interceptions with MiG-21 (or SM-12), especially when you play on realisitc difficulty settings. It's not cheating, IRL all interceptions by MiGs-21 where, if possible, ground controlled. MiG-21 even has a seperate GCI gauge for that purpose - it received the coded information from the ground controll and displayed required elevation and bearing to target/next waypoint. Since it's not simulated (and often wasn't even used for GCI) "GCI(m)" object is the best replacement. Place it in FMB wherever it is reasonable to have radar station and make sure it covers the area where interception takes place (deffault range is 100 km, you can adjust it by adding aproporiate lines to .mis file in notepad, you can find these lines in mod's readme).

After you take off head into mission area and wait for info from GCI. You should get target heading, altitude, bearing and distance. The goal is to use these info to get on enemy's six before you even start playing arround with radar. If target heading is higher than bearing, fly at slightly lower course than bearing and vice versa. When you see that the bearing is equal to target's heading, turn towards bearing and start observing radar. Optimally you should get on enemy's six even  before it appears on your radar or at least before it's in lock range.

Once you see the enemy on radar turn so that it appears exactly on screen's vertical axis and adjust your slope (you actually should be flying at the target's altitude given to you by ground control all the time) so that there are 2 vertical lines, one above and one below the target. When it is at 7km (don't look at scale, it's wrong, the top of the screen is 20km, the middle is 10km), select it with gate (use increase/decrease radar gain keys to move the gate) and lock on (select radar mode key). The radar should switch to track mode - you should see the target and two long horizontal lines extending from it. If you don't, press select radar mode key again to switch back to scan mode. If you can't find anymore - abort interception and either go for another run or RTB if skies are hot. If you can see the target in track mode (remember axis are switched now and verical axis shows elevation, not distance), arm the missiles and manouver your aircraft so that the target appears in the middle of the aiming circle - that's important when attacking with heat seeking missiles since they won't follow your lock, this is the only way to force them to track the target you selected. If you manage to do this, proceed until distance markers move above the gap, showing permissible launch range. If you lose the target at this point, abort interception and go for another run, don't try to scan at this distance. Once you move into permissible launch range you should imediately hear change in tone signaling missile lock - if it doesn't happen, wait until you get to like 1/2 of permissible launch range and abort. If missiles locked on, make sure that target is still in the aiming circle and 1/2 of prermissible launch range, launch missiles, breakaway, maximum power and go RTB/ proceed to next target. If you approach to fast and don't launch the missiles before reaching inner border of permissible launch range (it's arround 1.5km IIRC) don't fire missles, breakaway and go for another run.

Also remember that if you can't approach the target from level, you should rather approach from below instead of above - RP-21 is not look down/shoot down capable, if you get ground clutter in track mode, you'll lose the lock. Don't let it happen.

All of this is for bomber/trasporter targets. If you're intercepting a fighter, first thing to do once you lock on is to use the info given you by radar in track mode to get visual on your target. If it happens at night - well, I'm gonna find out some good procedure for that, but in either situation your target probably won't be as forgiving and will try to manouver. At this point it will stop being an interception and start being a dogfight.

- Mati140


ZSh-3 pilot helmet sunglass:
Now your helmet with a sunglass is no more a dead weight. Now it is fully functional!

In order to use it press "Reticle Dim" (default is Ctrl+D) while in cockpit.

Internal effect:

...and even more! An external effect!  :P  8)


1. I am fully aware that all three models were using slightly different cockpits, but I don't plan any extends. Current cockpit is the MiG-21MF one. Still fun non the less.

2. All main features of MiG-21 cockpit are implemented including:
  - all instruments are just like in RL! (Only two of them have two problems: radioaltimeter in RL has non uniform scale, here we have a uniform scale, but still same 600 meters. Variometer doesn't shows there whole scale, but still enough for proper landings).
  - All main warning lights implemented including altitude warnings, AoA, missile launch readiness, low fuel, afterburner stages, trim positions, gear, flaps, airbrake and others.

3. More or less functional mirror.

4. Majority of signs (black plates with names of switches, lights, instruments) are written, although they are in Russian  :P

5. More color schemes to come, when time allows.

UPDATE v1.1:
- Collection of existing bug fixes provided by community, collated by SAS~Anto
- Landing gear light fix by tarakan67
- Cockpit modifications by Tom2
- Some loadout fixes by SAS~Anto - stops errors with launching in select circumstances
- Added the R-73 missile - originally by GJE52
- Adjusted flight model to prevent rapid overheating with afterburner in 4.12.2m
- Cleaned up some redundant code


OUT OF DATE - Beta v1 download link:

MiG-21S           air.MIG_21S                           NOINFO  r01   SUMMER
MiG-21MF         air.MIG_21MF                         NOINFO  r01   SUMMER
MiG-21bis         air.MIG_21bis                         NOINFO  r01   SUMMER

External 3D Model, Ordnance by SAS~CsoCso. Extensive updates to external 3D, including complete rebuild of landing gear by SAS~S3
Cockpit 3D by SAS~S3 (based on CsoCso's original work)
Class work by SAS~Anto, Wasted, SAS~S3 and Sani
RP-21 Radar Implementation by Wasted
Missile code originally by SAS~Storebror
Flight Models by Sani, Lt. Wolf, 4S_Vega and SAS~Anto
UB-16 Pod and S-5 rocket 3D by Lisek
SPRD-99, ZB-360 Napalm and S-25 rockets by RedFox90
Kh-66 by SAS~S3
Default Skins by Wasted
Damage textures by Wasted, Vpmedia and SAS~Anto
Cockpit Textures by Vpmedia, Texx and Wasted
New napalm code by Checkyersix
Sounds by Jafaem
Included skins by Wasted, Maxthehitman and Highlander

3d Work: SAS~S3, BT~Wasted
JAVA: SAS~S3, BT~Wasted, benitomuso
Flight Model: 4S-Vega
Textures: Beaver, BT~Wasted


edited 26-8-14: for a fix of the mirrors view go here!

many thanks to Shun, read his post here.  :)


For Vegas Mig-21 Third Generation V2.2 go here.

To run this mod you MUST have installed common utils by Storebror.



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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2013, 09:19:53 AM »

Guys, I need to say that for some time I will have no time to support this project, because I have very extensive RL going including new job, bachelor year at university and recording session with my band and concerts after.

So I will be more than glad if modders here will support this project, so you guys are feel free to modify anything to make it better. If needed I'll upload latest classfiles to SVN in the evening.

Thanks to everyone for support and help!  :)


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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #2 on: October 06, 2013, 09:23:00 AM »

Thank you all for this!  8)

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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2013, 09:27:26 AM »



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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2013, 09:29:05 AM »

Heart Attack now!


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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #5 on: October 06, 2013, 09:52:29 AM »

Wasted will be out temporarily but I'll be here to support this project, so no worry guys.


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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #6 on: October 06, 2013, 09:58:48 AM »

Congratulations on the release!  :)

This is a great aircraft and great work!

With the deepest respect! 8)

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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #7 on: October 06, 2013, 10:35:20 AM »

Does anyone else experience this bug?

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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #8 on: October 06, 2013, 10:36:25 AM »

Well this is a Very Cool Post, of probably the best set of Planes ever released for IL2 Congrats to all!!!

Well until the S3's F-18 is released :)
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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #9 on: October 06, 2013, 10:56:06 AM »

Magnificent work! Cockpit...WAAW!
And yes Bogdan, I have the same bug but not with all countries. USSR for instance gives problems but North Vietnam is OK.
But... patience! Give BT~Wasted and the other guys who developed this magnificent machine some time to filter out the bugs which could eventually occur. I believe it is still a beta, so... ;)

Anyway: quite an achievement!!  :D




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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2013, 11:06:43 AM »

I'm not impatient.
I understand is beta, but I thought bug reports are good in developing a mod.
Just wanted to let you know of it.

I mean it's easier for the author to indetify mods by reading replies than to search them by his own in the game.
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Re: MiG-21S/MF/bis BETA 1.0
« Reply #11 on: October 06, 2013, 11:24:36 AM »

Thanks a million Wasted!  8) Thanks to all others involved.

Good luck with your new job Wasted, and your bands recording work!
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