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Author Topic: Prelude to War - Ar196 campaign ( floatplane / pontoon aircraft / campaign )  (Read 5114 times)

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Nice campaign :)
but i have two questions: How you made the chimneys on factories smoking, and a silly one, how to made radio playing?  :D


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Question 1: smokestacks:
   In the mission builder there is a smoke object that I placed above the buildings smoke stacks to make them smoke, there are several different types of smoke and fire objects that can be placed on maps.

Question 2: hearing date based music in game.
You have to have realistic navigation turned on, then you can change nav radio/beacons (for me I think it is alt-h), but you might have to map it to a key. There is a grossduetscher rundfunk radio station object that plays music from the era if you downloaded the optional music and installed it.
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