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Author Topic: Welcome to the 4.09 Sanctuary.  (Read 13982 times)

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Re: Welcome to the 4.09 Sanctuary.
« Reply #60 on: February 05, 2016, 10:39:13 AM »

Admin edit: Please no fullquotes!!

I never intended it to have a single answer. I asked why people were staying on it. By that implication itself it means that it won't be one single answer but instead many answers with different reasons or preferences. I understand it is rarely an objective answer but does that mean there aren't many different answers? I think what you are seeing it as is that i was asking for just one striaght foward answer. I never was this once again is implied in the question. But it's clearly not a question of brunettes because maybe some people can or can't answer that maybe they like the colour? but this question is a bit more than that since i'm talking of a specific version of a specific game and people wouldn't stay on it unless there was some sort of preference. I understand what you prefer and thats all i was asking is why does a person prefer it? this is where the many answers part can come in. the last part where you said

"I participated in many mods in various versions ...
After all the tests I prefer to stay true to my old UP2!
Especially amended by adding many many mods are not adapted to the latest versions.
And I do not like the mods concerning periods post 1945!"

That is all i was looking for if you see the other posts too it was just preference that people were stating. That is all i was looking for just knowledge as to why the decision was made by the person reading my post. there was never a right or wrong answer. For me it's just knowledge and curiosity.

Thank you for your answer Epervier.
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