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Author Topic: 60% CTD on HSFX6? better CHECK this...  (Read 6278 times)

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60% CTD on HSFX6? better CHECK this...
« on: September 26, 2012, 05:37:16 PM »

Use the 4.09 version for HSFX, it works fine.
Tried it in HSFX6 but keep getting CTD at 60%
I'm using Pal_AutoDiffFMHSFX6+
What did you install and where?
v4.10 version works great in HSFX5

always try without Expert mode enabled first to make sure the DiffFM doesn't conflict with it. 

In HSFX 6.0.1x you have to turn off Expert mode, you will get a 60% crash no matter what version you are using.

I used

00_PAL_Auto_DiffFM_HSFX6............ it works in Non Expert, crashes at 60% with it enabled
00_PAL_DiffFM_HSFX6 ................... works in Non Expert, crashes at 60% with it enabled
DiffFM_HSFX6 ............................... same results as above.  The Expert mode enables a new buttons file for the different FM's of the aircraft in HSFX.  For some reason it does not like the DiffFM file, or that's what I have heard, and I have heard there is a way around it too.

But for now you can fly it with Expert mode off.


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Re: 60% CTD on HSFX6? better CHECK this...
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2012, 04:41:30 AM »

Hey Hoss

For expert mode you use AutoDiffFM by benito and chrisgibon.


chrisgibon has solved the problem with two lines of code, his AutodiffFM works fine with expert mode and normal mode.
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