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Author Topic: DGEN German Fighter MOD HSFX 6 V1.1 + Russian Fighter and Il2  (Read 6178 times)

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DGEN German Fighter MOD HSFX 6 V1.1 + Russian Fighter and Il2
« on: August 11, 2012, 04:15:17 AM »

This is a Dgen Campaign Mod for HSFX 6.
Just unpack .rar files and copy all to your IL2 main folder.
Activate Mod with JGSME.

Dgen Campaign for German Fighter (North, Middle, South)
Dgen Campaign for Russian Fighter and IL2 (both Leningrad)
Some planes added (Example A20, B25)
618 Skins for 97 different planes from Revolver, Vpmadia, Imme, and other great skinner
Dgen is part of JSGME Mod, other Versiones going to ingame bugs (example: Russian Morane or Blenheim, Romanian MC.202)

Attention: As long as the Mod is activated in JGSME, no other Campaign is running. Errors and Failures during Mission load is a HSFX Problem. Just restart IL2 and everything is fine.

Tested and recommended conf.ini settings:

More Info in Readme.txt


-Remove all Mig-3 + Subtypes (bad damage model) raised numbers of YAk-1, LaGG-3 and I16.

-Russian Fighter and Sturmovik Campaign now playable.

-Komplete new skins for P39N

-Lvov41 Map deleted from Russisan Campaign (Konflikts with BF-109 of JG51)

-new Readme.txt and Reasme skins.txt

User of the first Version only need Part 3. The Folder IL2-1946/jgsmemods/Piepmatz campaign has to be removed.

The new JGSME name is: DGen Fighter MOD
User of Blaubärs GUI deutsch V6 (Here) please download Part 3 deutsch. (JGSME, first GUI deutsch, than this Mod)

Download: Part 1
               Part 2
               Part 3
               Part 3german

Enjoy it.


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Re: DGEN German Fighter MOD HSFX 6 V1.1 + Russian Fighter and Il2
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 05:58:13 AM »

Dank dir fürs update Piepmatz.

I seee in the readme that you have added many new planes,nice addition.
But one question: have you tweaked the cruising speeds and altitudes for all planes?This is very important,because of the new Motor management,one of the core features in 4.11/HSFX 6.!
Without adjusting these parameters its impossible to stay in formation with the AI cause the AI`s motor temprature has nearly no impact on their own flight behavior and they doesen`t care about the players own engine state.(the same old "bug" like in the past :( )



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Re: DGEN German Fighter MOD HSFX 6 V1.1 + Russian Fighter and Il2
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2012, 04:05:55 AM »

I don't touch the europlanes.txt and it is not part of the campaign. The Campaign use the europlanes.txt in your DGen Folder. If you had set the crusing speed, altitude, etc. to other parametres, it will work in the campaign.
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