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Author Topic: Changing shallows textures in DBW  (Read 2937 times)

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Changing shallows textures in DBW
« on: May 24, 2012, 01:58:38 PM »

When I first got DBW installed I could not change the shallows textures in any map even with the load.ini for map extracted from the sfs file untill hguderian pointed me to this mod...

When you put this mod in your DBW folder you must then go into this mods maps folder and place a - in front of the map folder you wish to change textures in.
Such as in this mods folder you find ag_New_Georgia. You must put the - in front like this... -ag_New_Georgia

I extract the load.ini with this new extractor...

You must then make a folder and name it to the listing for the map in the maps all.ini  "DBW/Mapmods/Maps  is where the all.ini is"
So if the map you want to change is ag_New_Georgia then name the folder that and place it in your maps folder "DBW/Mapmods/map" with the extracted load.ini in it. You can then make changes to the load.ini such as I do with my shallows textures.
So far this is the only way I know how to change textures in maps in DBW unless someone knows an easier way.
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