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Author Topic: "Franken Remodded" hguderian LS Truk with RedScramble and attachments  (Read 1639 times)

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I try to keep it shorter than usual :D.
I did some research on Truk lagoon in a RL research binge and modified hguderian's great rework of LS' great Truk Lagoon map available in the Maps section here.

The load ini was modified, to be precise, using redko's non-compressed tex. from this page's download..
..and Avala's tex from Benghalli, the beach texture and one modified teture, both attached here.

In DBW, you already have Palau. But you need the uncompressed tex from the above link.

Furthermore used the birds and smoke mod by stuka_40 available at AAS (attached) and this great  mod by Epervier (tested with earlier version in 4.09m and latest version in DBW)...


..and I was lazy :D so I only added P-39s, the "motor-started" version and the "truck-pulled".

+ a shitload of palms on allmost all main islands' sand and city areas, that was the main work.

Put all that on one RedScramble00.mis, since I only fly from takeoff anyway.
BlueNone00.mis is also there but unedited.
Also the map of course.

I tested it in Histomod (4.09m) but I also checked it in DBW. Should also run without mods, in Histo I used stationary Canadair Sabres as well (only a few per base). NO negative effect in DBW.

SO, here is the map, folowed by some RL screens and ingame screenies, also added a 1-3 few shipwrecks /ships.

A link with photos..

my mod link...

Please feel free to ask me if you have questions!
The map is a franken, not all places look totally matched up since I based it on hguderian's great mod, but the feel is very "holiday place like".


never test tired ;D

PS: For DBW, I tested with Epervier's latest mod, worked as well.
If you don't have this mod or birds, the Red and full Quick should work as well.





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Re: "Franken Remodded" hguderian LS Truk with RedScramble and attachments
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2012, 08:19:57 PM »

PS: For DBW--should also work for UP  in the respective map folders--The redko tex (full) goes into:

IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\#DBW\MapMods\maps\_Tex
\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\#DBW\MapMods\maps\_Tex\redko_tex\palau


Credits to LS, hguderian, Avala, stuka_40, Epervier, Bombsaway and anyone I forget since I am tired and dumb. :D

Can only speak for my installs, but with the correct tex everything should work easy.
The Quick should also work with hguderian's version, of course. ;D
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