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Author Topic: Welcome to the DBW C&M Board  (Read 7202 times)

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Welcome to the DBW C&M Board
« on: July 15, 2011, 08:29:21 PM »

Hi guys

This board is about the essence of offline play: Campaigns & Missions. For years Campaigns and Mission Builders have been frustrated by trying to specify what mods are needed for their stuff, and users have been frustrated by the lists of hard to install or unobtainable mods and maps thay had to get to play some.

DBW seeks to adress that. DBW is THE standard offline game. Dont talk to us about stock. Stock is for blind and deaf people. And dont talk to us about online packages. Online players dont play missions or campaigns like we do.

DBW will, and should , be the only standard for mod mission and campaign builders.  And it is here to stay. You mission or campaign will never have to be rewritten again, if it is doen for DBW. DBW willl BEND if it has to, so your missions dont have to.  We have struggled long and hard to get it, and, if you are a mission or campaign builder who makes stuff for mods, and you are still making it for some other collection of mods, stop fucking yourself, for the love of god.

This board is here, and all can post in it, and it is specifically for missions and campaigns that work with DBW. All the Missionbuilder has to say is what build of DBW, or later, is needed. If this board outgrows itself, we will subdivide it. But for now, post your single, multi, Quick, QMBPro, Static and Dynamic campaigns for DBW here. Even if it is  ust a link to the download topic at M4T, post it. Let DBW users know about it. If you post it here, they will.

Also, this mesage to all campaign and mission builders out there: DBW is for offliners, and the stuff you make, realy, is also. Please know that if you need a mod or a map or a default skin to get into DBW for something you are building, let me know. Let me know by PM, because your request will naturaly get a lot more urgent priority than other requests.

a Personal request to Campaign & Mission builders re: Skins In the old days, default skins and markings in IL2 sucked bricks, there was nothing uglier than having people play your creations using those. In the current stock game, there is a some improvement, but mostly they still do.

However, in UP3/DBW,with FBDSM, the best modders and artists have spent YEARS jacking up the default skins and markings in IL2. We now have seperate Def Skins for ETO, MTO, SCW, Pacific, China/Burma, and of course the Eastern Front. With FBDSM we are slowely working through all the planes updating them to this. And with the marking system, well, as stupidly generic as default marking have to be, I find more and more the default makings on fbdsm default skins in DBW to be better than a huge amount of "marked" skins out there.

So, the request: One of the most anoying things about missions and campaigns, is that you NEVER EVER not EVER, not ONCE, can get it so right, that the guys has all the skins he needs, and that all the skins are on a modern standard, and that he does not end up with some planes without markings, or other crap. And the price we pay for this, are small download mission packs that are now 200MB or more because thay contain all these skins that frankly, father christmas, we dont fucking want.
So please, pack your missions and campaigns with skins you think are neccesary, because some of them are in fact neccesary and quite good. But please consider then also providing an alterative lighter download with perhaps no skins needed, or only the most crucial or important ones added.

Taking skins out of even a huge mission set and turning markings back on is easily done with Text Crawler. See here: http://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php/topic,16060.0.html

And if you dont do it yourself, believe me, I will, and I have no finesse as you know! :D

Please just consider this kindly. Even in at least one single mission included in the game by Team Daedalus themselves with 4.101, required custom skins that WE DONT FUCKING HAVE. I dont know about the rest of you, but I fire up a beautifull mission, and here come the stuka's completely unmarked because I dont have some stupid skin, INSTANT TURNOFF.

Thats all I have to say about this.

Vampite Pilot sent me some huge mission and campaign packs, which I am converting to stock marking and skin use, and will be posting soon as I can sort through them a bit more. Missions and Campaigns are the backbone of offline play, and that is perhaps why I am a little more passionate about it than I am about, say, another new slot whatever. :D

Have fun with it!

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