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Author Topic: Newbie Guide : What is HSFX ?  (Read 56946 times)

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Newbie Guide : What is HSFX ?
« on: June 09, 2011, 01:02:20 PM »

What is HSFX?

Also known as "HistorySFX" or just "SFX" , it is one of the original "great Packs" of IL2. These are collections of many mods, packed together in a coherent and tested way, with the aim of providing a user with an instant addition of a large number of planes, maps, sounds, and other things, in one package. These packs are usually more geared towards the online player, but are usable by offline players too.

HSFX is very much geared towards players of SEOW (Scorched Earth Online War) campaigns. You can read more about SEOW here http://www.seowhq.net/seowforum/index.php?sid=c5d2404c1d4fd68fa63d55691f1ad0e2 . SEOW is a (semi reclusive) community of online players, who gear their organization, packs, and servers towards the playing of long term and pre planned SEOW campaigns.

Having said that, HSFX has always been a very good and very useful pack solution for online and offline players during the history of IL2. They have also spearheaded several innovations, they were for example the first pack in 2009 to make a pack in the game's native SFS format. Members of the HSFX development team include some well known modders, as well as some members of the "Team Daedalus" official IL2 development team. This mean that sometimes new beta planes or cockpits are included in the HSFX packs. These trickle down quickly to the rest of the community through.

There are several online servers that cater to users of HSFX, and of course the dedicated ones for SEOW.

HSFX keeps the development of their packs very close to home, and although SAS members and modders often help with some things, it is usually more in the realm of friendship than any official stuff. HSFX and SAS have an informal "free to use" agreement, also based on friendship and mutual respect, that stretches back to the beginning of SAS, and some of the more senior SAS members and modders are also players of SEOW. In that way, the communities are intertwined and on a good footing.

In its latest incarnation, version 5, HSFX has made a very sleek and compact Modpack, with many cool features and exceptional stability.

Who uses HSFX?

~HSFX is mostly aimed towards the online player of SEOW. But there are always servers for general online play for HSFX users too.

~HSFX can be used by online or offline players who may not be able or willing to download UP3, which is 2 or 3 GB larger.

~Ultrapack3 is very suitable for the offline or online gamer who wants to install one pack in one move. There is also an SAS "Modfolder" available for it, that allows easier modding and customization, while HSFX itself has a secure "online" mode, that can be switched on or off.

~HSFX is a great "alternative" or additional pack that users can get, for more variety in their game.

~HSFX, with its small size and logical rationalization of plane and map choices, can be very suitable to the player who wants a big pack, but not necessarily every plane or map out there. It is compact and well thought out, and will be to the taste of many users.

~Although I recommend UP3 for general players, I would still strongly advise any lover of IL2 to get HSFX too. I have.

Who should NOT use HSFX?

~Players who only want to add a few small improvements to their stock game

~Players with serious, 3rd world level, internet access problems. While it is much smaller than UP3, it is still a rather big pack, the download coming in at around 3.6 GB.

What are the Advantages of HSFX?

~ Very compact and very stable, smaller download size
~ Very good "bang for the buck" for the bandwidth minded player.
~ Almost all its non-java content Packed in SFS format, making for enhanced security, startup speed and performance.
~ Great online security
~ Tightly knit and loyal community of online players.
~ It can be installed alongside other systems, like SAS Modact, or UP3, in the same installation, without interfering or being affected.
~ Rationalized list of planes, countries and maps.
~ Good support in terms of hotfixes and updates
~ Release dates of new versions are sooner after official IL2 updates, following form involvement by members of the official development teams.
~ Very advanced soundmod and acoustic environment, by Tiger33 originally, including flyby sounds option

What are the Disadvantages of HSFX?

~ Less content than other packs, since content is geared primarily towards SEOW players
~ Tightly knit and loyal community of online players.
~ Very advanced soundmod and acoustic environment, by Tiger33 originally, which is sometimes not to everyone's taste.
~ Not very mod friendly in its original form, but this is addressed with the addition of the SAS "modfolder for HSFX5"
~ Uses the classic "files/mods" folder system for mods, which precludes co-existent installation with other packs that may use the same, like Histo, C6, nullwars ect. jsgme folder naming and activation (exe) options for il2 also is from a previous modding system, and not adapted towards co-inhabited installs.
~ Contains an older version of jsgme than newer modacts and packs, which users of such must be aware of when installing.

visit the HSFX Home forum: http://www.242sqn.com/phpBB2/index.php
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