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Author Topic: WIP IJN Light Carrier Pack  (Read 18511 times)

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Re: WIP IJN Light Carrier Pack
« Reply #60 on: October 29, 2016, 04:51:55 AM »

Hey guys, finally got this wonderful mod to load the game up, got the 70% crash before but finally got the ship .ini and chief ini etc set right that it loads up completely. Only one problem though, I can't get them to show up in my dgen campaigns its the same as before ex. with this pack in coral sea battle I should see Shoho there when I launch from carrier, some missions of that sub campaign your taking off on shokaku or zuikaku and some you start off shoho and the ones with shoho start in ocean :(

p.s. I installed USN Fleet and light carrier mods from plowshare the same way and they work 100% in campaigns and missions. Now I do have shippack 3 mod installed as I use vp's modpack and wonder if that is coming into conflict with IJN Light carrier mod. Like I said game starts 100 percent so its not an .ini problem but something else and I got no errors on my log file.
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