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Parrish train raid 2018

Well. My pit evolved into a obsession. It is full. And I have added to the problem of not returning to old IL 2. I seriously planning to rebuild the two panels into one with only one usb controller.
This is what happened when you cant fly planes using yoke with stick and love choppers
I am getting too old for my job
I rented myself for a week to a bugger complaining he had no operators. Me my stupid ass figured it would be nice sitting in a warm crane again quickly discovered why he had no operators.
It was remote controlled and placed on a roof in 13 degree zero in up to 20 ms wind.

"Volare", two years ago, Polignano al Mare, Puglia, Italy.

Haha, nice sniperton.
@Otto: That's a hell of a cockpit, jesus christ... and a hell of a freezing job too.
How do you like your MFG Crosswind pedals? I'm still considering to buy me one.
Would you recommend the width adjustment pedals for general use or did you just attach them to get more clearance to that stick in the center?
Because in my case I'm still flying with a normal Joystick, so that separation would not be necessary. Would you fly without WAPs in such case or generally with them?



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