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Help Wilmarli following Piet's death 

We are asking for everyone's support for Wilmarli, the widow of our founder Piet aka SAS~CirX.
Piet died from cancer on 11 May 2023, 4 days after his 51st birthday. Wilmarli now faces the Herculean task to take over Piet's main business, including the necessary trainings taking place on the other end of the world, while at the same time organizing a life on her own. Every donation is welcome, no matter if it's big or small. 10$ is fine, but even 1000$ will find a good use! 
Donations are possible in US Dollars via PayPal. 
We would appreciate if you could state your forum screenname in the PayPal payment notes so we can associate your donation accordingly.
Many heartfelt thanks!

Fundraising for Wilmarli

Donations using the button below will directly contribute to help keeping Wilmarli afloat while reorganizing life after Piet's death

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Thanks to you, and Salute!