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ati catalyst 12.3 driver crashing when running IL-2 1946

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12.5 has improvements? I don't know what it is, but I recall in my very first mod installs I did some changes in the config.ini to come over the 10.4 driver at that time.
I also used different "Light in the IL-2" mods in between.
For whatever reason, any driver since 11.x gives me artefacts like here... ;) >:(

Any ideas?
For IL-2 I can go back to the proven driver anytime, but for another sim I need a new driver....hmm...easy decision..not! :D ;)

Put the 11.11b atioglxx.dll inside IL-2 folder:,16872.msg260979.html#new

Your entire system will use the last driver installed, but IL-2 will use the 11.11b version.


Arg, ;)
Did not work, lead to crash.
11.5 driver, albeit not so cool, works.
Sad the 10.9 driver doesn't do the same with all my simming games..

..wonder why the atioglxx.dII files never work for my Win XP based system:
I was in need of the latest Open GL driver for this aerofly arcade/realism sim.
So I could opt for either the latest driver and the proven 10.9 driver's atioglxx.dII in my IL-2 folder or the other way-the old driver and the latest driver's atioglxx.dII in the aerofly folder.
None way around worked.
In fact, I never got any positive effect by inserting an atioglxx.dII inisde a game folder-except when it was the one of the installed driver.

Is there some sort of extra option? I e.g. read in threads that there are more than one directory containing these (which I used) in the "WINDOWS\system32" folder, also found one in the driver backup folders, and another file inside the driver, but as DL file. (ATI\Support\10-9_xp32_dd_ccc_enu\Packages\Drivers\Display\XP_INF\B104286  EG for the 10.9 driver).

Bottom line: Any ideas appreciated, really only the 10.9 driver works for me, but I extracted the 12.4 atioglxx.dII and sort of lose my tricks with Ati.
Thank you guys..

Oh, sorry mate, but my drivers are for W7 64. :)
I think you need to download the 11.11b version for XP 32.
And then you can open it with 7zip and extract the atioglxx.dl_ file.
It will be renamed to atioglxx.dll automaticaly when extracted.



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